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Assume that your yard has many tall trees that result in about fifty percent of the yard being shaded and fifty percent of the yard being exposed to full sun. The shaded areas and full-sun areas are all intermixed. You are reseeding your lawn and wish to buy only one type of grass seed. The label on Seed 1 states that the grass is excellent in full sun and good in shade, and the label on Seed 2 states that the grass is excellent in shade and good in full sun.Using the scientific method, design an experiment to determine which seed is best for your lawn. Make sure to account for all steps of the method and to identify your controls._______________________________________________________________Although I only want to purchase one of the two seeds, I feel that it is necessary to test both of the seeds so that I can get the best idea of how each would work.My hypothesis is that one type of seed will work as well as the other type, as each has one strength and one weakness. I will have four groups in my test, two controls and two experimental groups. Control Group number ONE will be the seeds that are excellent in full sun and good in shade. Control Group number TWO will be the seeds that are excellent in shade and good in full sun. Experimental Group -A- will be the seeds that are excellent in full sun and good in shade. Experimental Group -B- will be the seeds that are excellent in shade and good in full sun.I will first place Control Group One in an area of the yard that has full sun and no shade. I am looking for optimal growth and healthy grass as the seed packages claims these standards for full sun conditions. My theory will be proven if the grass grows excellent in full sun. My theory will be disproved if the seeds do not grow at all, as they are in optimal growing...

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Persuasive essay on the right to choose an abortion. Support for argument includes physical and emotional aspects. Scientific studies cited.

1635 words - 7 pages , and those who prioritize the rights of the living mother over those of an unborn fetus. The anti-abortion campaign is one based almost exclusively on religious notions and ideals. In contrast, those who support a woman's right to an abortion draw support from a combination of scientific evidence as well as moral and political issues. As a nation of reason and one that prioritizes the rights of its citizens above all other things, the right to an

This is an experiment on how planaria regenerate body parts and an explaination as to how the experiment was performed.

1473 words - 6 pages system. When two flatworms join, each exchanges sperm and fertilizes the other's eggs. Their simple body plan also allows them to regenerate complete bodies from mere fragments by asexual reproduction. Their body plan consist of a simple nervous system that includes a primitive brain, central nervous system, muscles, an internal reproductive system, intestines and an excretory system that includes specialized flame cells. In this experiment, a

How the authors Katherine Mansfield and Frank Sargeson used different ways to make the stories "A Great Day" and "The Fly" entertaining and thought-provoking.

1143 words - 5 pages entertaining because it has a unpredictable twist to it which makes you think about the true meaning. The character of Fred seems to be fairly normal, and a kind person, even if very jealous of ken. This is until the end of the story when Fred leaves ken on the reef to drown.The story was thought provoking because of the many symbols used, which held different and not so obvious meanings which you had to decipher out of the story yourself. The symbol of

Ethnomethodology Experiment. an essay on an Ethnomethodology experiment, taking people out of their every day norms.

780 words - 3 pages Linda came out here to California for vacation.We all thought it would be nice to spend the day at the Museum, and there could not be a better place to try my ethnomethodology experiment than at a museum.My family and I had just finished up looking at Bill Viola's art work called "The Passions" it was the main feature at the Museum. Bill Viola's art work was silent videos that open up new perspectives on the power and complexity of emotions using

It is a laboratory essay on an experiment we did over enzymes and the effects of the parameters on enzymes.

1436 words - 6 pages had an optimum level where the enzyme activity was at its peak (neutral ph 7, high substrate concentration, 3% salinity rate, and 11 degrees Celsius) INTRO The research conducted was preformed to determine the effects of different parameters of enzyme activity. By doing this experiment we hope to find the best conditions for enzyme activity. Enzyme activity can vary greatly depending on the conditions in which the reactions occur. By changing these

Biology experiment on osmosis for gcse very good got an A* as course work so do not miss out

3762 words - 15 pages , from which I was able to create an informative graph. This ensured the reliability of results and did not point out any anomalies. I think I recorded enough results for the amount of concentrations that I was using, and the time that I used for the experiment to last was enough to allow sufficient osmosis to occur this was done over a twenty five minutes periods. I thought the procedure was very suited to laboratory conditions and was

Could a Robot Possess Genuine Understanding and Intelligence? Discuss with Relation to Searle’s Chinese Room Thought Experiment.

1079 words - 4 pages possess genuine intelligence or a mind like that of a human's. I will bring forward John Searle's Chinese room thought experiment, which sets out to prove a computer may be able to pass the turing test, but it has not gained the ability of genuine understanding. In my essay I shall argue how John Searle's room experiment effectively refutes the turing test proving that a robot cannot possess genuine understanding and intelligence due to lack of

Biology: Experiment- The Effect of Temperature on the Enzyme Rennin

1890 words - 8 pages Aim: The aim of the experiment is to test the effect temperature has on the activity of the enzyme rennin.Hypothesis: I believe the rate of reaction will speed up as the temperature increases until it reaches about 37oC, which is the body temperature, where it will begin to slow down and stop reacting. I believe this will occur because enzymes have a temperature range at which they work best in and once the temperature goes out of this range the

Gay Marriages...My teacher asked us to write an essay on gay marriages, and if we thought they would be legalized all over the US. Because of the "full faith and credit act" states have...

561 words - 2 pages was in an uproar about it. Even President Bush proposed to add to the Constitution a provision prohibiting same sex marriages. Amending the constitution in any way, not just for gay marriages, would be an extremely long and drawn out process that would take years to achieve. It is unreasonable for gays to ask such a burden on the nation just because they want their own way. There are some legal remedies that gay couples can do to ensure rights for

Be Active and Achieve: A Research Essay on Physical Education and Movement in an Elementary Level Classroom

3350 words - 13 pages With childhood obesity becoming an epidemic in America, we need methods to help stop obesity in children such as physical activities. Physical activities are not only to help prevent obesity; it can also help students improve on their academics. “Physical education helps the brain function; exercise increases the blood flow within the body and increases the blood volume in regions of the brain associated with memory formation” (Kovar, Susan K at

Essay on The Lottery and What A Thought

988 words - 4 pages Comparing The Lottery and What A Thought   The short stories I have chosen were "The Lottery" and "What A Thought" by Shirley Jackson. Shirley Jackson is considered a morbid writer due to the fact that she writes her stories with the intent to shock her readers into seeing the truth behind human nature. Her work deals with an evil presence in everyday life. "The Lottery" is a chilling tale of an everyday town and

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604 words - 2 pages The definition of evolution is the study of genetic changes that make it possible for a species to survive over time. Although I am not inclined to believe the basis of evolution, being that the Earth and its inhabitants have been evolving for 3.8 billion years, I do believe that evolution still holds an important role in the survival of all living things.In the study of Taxonomy, we discover the fact that all living species have a

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1496 words - 6 pages The effect of Lead ions on amylase activityAimWhat is the effect of Lead ions on the enzyme Amylase. And does it have an inhibitory effect, which causes the substrate, in this case starch to be blocked from the reaction process in the enzyme catalyst. Also is the effect reversible or irreversible, which is put on the amylase.MethodApparatus and substances requiredTest tube holder 2% starch solution6 boiling tubes labelled 1 to 6 1% lead nitrate

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817 words - 4 pages to some, the importance of the individualism stressed was to promote self-realization, to focus one’s mind on thinking on who a person really was, what their successes were, and what was morally objective to them, which led to one of the pitfalls of Transcendentalism with the concept of an objective success. While every aspect of thought was told to be different and unique, and to non-conform to the traditional idea, the problem of that was if

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1219 words - 5 pages traditional Aristotelian school of thought, and each believed that the old scientific processes were useless in proving beneficial theories. Both men used God to support and justify their systems of scientific inquiry. Although Bacon and Descartes disagreed in their use of mathematics, and inductive reasoning vs. practical analogies, both contributed to improving the scientific process.Francis Bacon's scientific inquiry was based on induction, which