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School Analysis

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Our school improvement plan is devised to help create plans for; School Improvement, Title 1, Safe Schools, Staff Development, and Remediation Plans. Pitt County Schools have vision and mission statements that state; a model rural/urban school system that has high expectations, challenging programs, and total community support. It is a place where education is not just about making a living, but also where the individual becomes a productive and contributing member of the community. With a mission that states; The Pitt County Schools, through high expectations, excellence in teaching and a safe, orderly environment, will ensure that all students master the skills necessary for success as lifelong learners in a rapidly changing world. Bethel school has its own created vision and mission statements in place for the school. Our Vision states that; Bethel School students will become passionate, life-long learners who are empowered users of their talents, abilities, and knowledge in order to better themselves, their community, our nation, and our world. With our own mission stating; the primary purpose of Bethel School is to help all students to learn the basic skills necessary to succeed by providing an environment and instruction that will enhance learning and personal growth. The school improvement plan team is designed to look at the school as a whole to make sure it’s meeting all the standards and needs and achievements it should be yearly. The SIP team looks at everything from behavior plans, achievements, to read 3D. They also delve into the core topics; reading, math, science, etc. The group discusses promotion, retention, student engagement, school suspensions, technology readiness, and physical activity. This group looks at the data obtained and meets twice a month to discuss these important topics, to see where improvements need to be made and see what working and what can be done to have a cohesive school. The SIP program tries to run the school under the district’s goals. Pitt County has eight goals it tries to obtain.
Goal one; hundred percent of our school’s will meet expected growth and seventy five percent will make high growth by the end of the school year. Which supports SBE goal, North Carolina schools will produce globally competitive students. Our school goal was to decrease the percentage of students not making growth in each subgroup by ten percent. To achieve this goal two steps were created to help in the process. One step was, they would get this goal by, teachers analyzing data and identify specific steps to take in order to ensure each student grows academically. Achieving this by data driven PLCs that will create smart goals which will require the analysis of individual student progress and the acceleration of those students performing well as well as the remediation of those who are struggling academically. Then remediate struggling students in small groups and focus on the mastery of specific skills during the...

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