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College And Career Reaserch Paper

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An Architects is a person who design buildings and in many cases supervises there construction. Architects are responsible for designing the places that people need in order to live, play, work, learn, meet, worship, shop, meet and eat. All are licensed professionals trained in the science and art of designing buildings. It is their responsibility to develop concepts for structures and then go on to turn those concepts into plans and images.In addition, aside from the look of the buildings, architects have to take into consideration factors that will make the building functional, secure and economical. it also needs to be able to function for anyone who needs one. Architects may also be ...view middle of the document...

The highest 10% earn about $119,220,or more. the lowest 10% percent earn less than $41,320, and the middle 50% earn between $51,480 and $91,870. when beginning an internship Architects should expect to earn a lot less money.
Most architects try to start out there own company and become self employed, but sometimes that does not always work out. there comes a time when debt outweighs your income and you will need to take another direction in order to succeed. usually trying to work for a firm may help out. yes income will start out low, especially if you are an intern, but as long as your making more than when you were self employed and are managing its all good. sometime firms will even pay a students college tuition so that finish their master or doctorate. By that firm investing in you now, they have secured you and your brain for the future.
Johns Hopkins University is a private institution that was founded in 1876, and has an undergraduate enrollment of 6,153. The campus is just over 140 acres. they use a semester-based academic calendar, which is much like what is used in high school. Johns Hopkins University is located in Baltimore Maryland. It is within an urban location. it has a total undergraduate enrollment of 6,153, with a student body consisting of 49.4 percent male and 50.6 percent female. At this school, around 54 percent of the students live on campus and about 46 percent live off campus. John Hopkins is within the top 20 universities in the country, and their admission.selection percentage is “very selective.”
The application deadline for john hopkins university as most universities is january 1st of every year. The cost of tuition is petty high since it is an ivy league private school. tuition...

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