College Athlete Compensation Essay

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College Athlete Compensation
Imagine working 40 plus hours a week, and you start very early in the morning and sometimes go into the night working to be the best. Sometimes you even work more than that. Imagine having a job and not getting paid, but, rather, you were just doing it because you loved it. That’s what a college athlete’s life is like; they play because they love it but don’t even get a dime. Would you still do your job if you didn’t get paid?
College athletes should get paid to compensate their hard work. In order to better understand why college athletes should be paid, we need to learn why the NCAA doesn’t already pay them, what would the ...view middle of the document...

There is really no way we can know for sure how much they would get paid.
Now, we need to know how many hours these athletes put into their sport. According to USA Today college athletes put in an average of 44.8 hours a week, while the average american works 40 hours a week according to 20SomethingFinance. This shows you how hard college athletes work and that they deserve to be paid. What if one day you came to work and they said they were no longer going to pay you but you still were going to work for them. I do not think you would like that, and that is how college athletes feel they work so hard but don’t get any compensation in return. They definitely deserve compensation. They do get some free food and other things but that is not enough.
I think the sport you play will have an affect on your pay because different sports bring in different amounts of money. For example in big sports like basketball and football the athletes will probably get paid more money because those sports bring in more money. A sport like tennis will bring in less money so those athletes will be paid less. That would be the most fair thing to do because they would get paid by how much they help out the school. This would make a lot of sense and would solve a lot of issues that...

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