College Athletes: Employees Or Students? Essay

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Paul Dietzel, former head coach of LSU, once said, “You can learn more character on the two-yard line than anywhere else in life.” Ever since the beginning, not only children but also college athletes have been playing sports for the love of the game and have used it as a way to grow character, teamwork, and leadership. Although when playing for a University an athletes job is to bring in profit for the school, this is not why these young men and women have continued with these sports they love. It is usually these students passion, a way for them to express themselves like others have art and music. The question has been up whether these college athletes should be paid for their loyalty and income for the University but by paying these students more than their given scholarship, it would defeat the purpose and environment of a college sport versus a professional sport, cause recruiting disputes, and affect the colleges benefits from these school athletics.
Fans have such a love for college football, completely different from NFL but paying athletes just like professional ones would change that different environment for both players and fans completely. Fans love the idea that they are watching these young men play with passion and love for the game. University alumni like to see these players have the same loyalty to the schools that they had when they attended. It resembles a big family, which is so different than a professional team that is technically playing simply for money for the organizations. Collegiate sports is not a career or profession. It is the students' vehicle to a higher education degree (Mitchell). Like many say, “you play for the name on the front, not the back.” It is a common argument that that professional athletes play for themselves and to outplay even their teammates. Chris Plonsky who is an athletic director at University of Texas said, “If you're talented enough and you want to be able to compete under other conditions and arrangements, there are places you can go. They're called the NBA, the NFL and Major League Baseball. But that's not what we do or emphasize in universities”(Howard). The full experience would just be changed forever and not resemble what society currently loves about college football and college sports in general.
College athletics are all about the love for the school though and most athletes will not turn down an opportunity to play at the school of their dreams if offered a full scholarship there along with offered at another top school. This would change though if salaries and income became a part. The universities with larger budgets would have the ability to stack their team with the best players leaving smaller universities as a lost cause. For instance though, University of Central Florida gained national respect this past year as they appeared in their first ever bowl game and defeated Baylor. One of their key players was their beloved quarterback, Blake...

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