College Athletes Should Remain Student Athletes

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College Athletes Should Remain Student Athletes

If someone plays a college sport he or she is part of the National Collegiate Athletic Association. Meaning that athlete is a student-athlete and an amateur competitor. To remain eligible to compete, all athletes in the NCAA are not allowed to tryout, practice, or compete with a professional team or any professional players. Also cannot have a contract with a professional team. In addition, cannot receive any benefits from an agent or a potential agent. This means no contact with a sports agent. The most important rule that has to be followed, and the one that is under the most scrutiny is a student athlete cannot receive a salary for participating in athletics. (“Amateurism”, 2013)
Today more and more people are agreeing that college athletes should be paid for their work. In reality, it is in the best interest of everybody if they were not directly paid for playing. If they were to get paid, where would you draw the line? If you pay one specific group of athletes, all of the sports and all the different divisions in college athletics would want paid. This is just not financially possible. People think that it would be only the lower divisions that would not be able to pay because of the amount of revenue that the bigger schools bring in. Texas, in 2012, had revenue of $163,295,115 with $138,269,710 in expenses. (Berkowitz et al. 2012) Texas has a large number in net income that would allow them to pay their athletes. There are many schools that have a negative income. These schools include Iowa, Oklahoma State, West Virginia, Kansas, Arizona State, and Missouri. (Berkowitz et al. 2012) There are many more schools that are barley positive if not right at even. Also the majority of colleges receive a subsidy to make sure they stay positive.
Another problem with paying college athletes would be that the rich get richer. Meaning, that schools like Texas, Ohio State, Michigan, and Alabama would get all of the top talent due to the amount of money they have to offer a specific athlete. One of the many beauties of college athletics is watching the underdogs pull of an upset. In college football every year you see games that an unranked team beats at top 10 team. Also in basketball it seems like every year there is a Cinderella team in the Final Four. A Cinderella team is typically a lower seed that no one thought would make it as far as they did. If the athletes were to get paid, every single good athlete would go to the school that pays the most. This would almost completely wipe out all the underdogs because those schools would not be able to afford a good enough team to compete. The good schools almost always have higher revenue. That is why there are professional leagues in many of the sports. This is so you can go watch the paid athletes compete. College should remain amateur to keep the charm of the sports.
One of the greatest college basketball coaches of all time is Jim Boeheim. He is...

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