College Athletes: Should They Be Paid?

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There has been a great deal of discussion lately regarding the topic of whether or not college athletes should be paid, and it is a problem that is worthy of discussion. Student athletes dedicate their lives to their schools while the schools are retaining all of the money. Even though their college education is being paid for, it is not fair. The performance of student athletes determines the amount of fan support each school receives. If games are won, fans will support, and revenue will come in. Without the athletes, college athletics would be nonexistent.
Student athletes invest numerous hours into sports. According to Steve Wieberg, Division I football players spend an average of 44.8 hours a week practicing, training, and playing games. Baseball players dedicate 40 hours a week on their sport, and basketball players devote around 36 hours a week. This is, in essence, like having a full-time job. The difference though is that they are not getting paid for the time that they are dedicating. It is hard enough to juggle both sports and school, and it is nearly impossible to hold a job, as well. Many student athletes need the money for college expenses, as well as, financial help for their families. According to Matt Hayes, 86% of college athletes live in poverty. This is stunning. It is not recommended to have a job, in addition to, the strenuous schedule that athletes have to live with day in and day out.
College athletics produce a ridiculous amount of revenue for all of the different schools around the country. The average annual NCAA college revenue is 10.6 billion dollars. The NCAA makes 5.6 billion dollars off ticket sales alone. Athletes are being cheated. In a recent interview, South Carolina’s defensive end and possible number one 2014 NFL draft pick, Jadeveon Clowney states, “They(the schools) are selling our jerseys with our numbers and making money off ticket sales, so I think college athletes should get paid.” Clowney also admits, “If I would have had the chance to take care of my family through college, I would have probably stayed in college” (qtd. in Kellerman). It does not seem right that the schools are making money from the sale on sports memorabilia and tickets which without the players would not even be in demand. In 2010, college football produced an average revenue of 3.15 million dollars per school, and 27.3 million people watched the BCS National Championship alone. According to Bill Briggs, the NCAA only pays enough to cover the cost of their education. He states, “The NCAA restricts those payments to cover only tuition, fees, books, plus room and board while denying the players reimbursement for transportation, entertainment, and school supplies, leaving an average difference of about $3,200 annually for each athlete.” One analyst has stated that athletes should not be directly paid,...

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