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I attend a community college in Gadsden, Alabama. It is my experience that being a student is stressful. College is a balancing act between academics, work, family, and friends. As young adults being away from home for the first time, this can be stressful and almost overwhelming. I have some personal recommendations to help decrease the stress encountered by students at this college. Some things that may help relieve some of the stress are: Students should have adequate parking, a place to go between classes, a knowledgeable and friendly financial aid department, and a more organized campus book store in order to decrease some of the stress of attending college.
One of the most stressful experiences of being a college student is the lack of adequate parking. The parking situation is stressful because most of the time it is necessary to drive around campus repeatedly, sometimes for as much as twenty minutes, in order to find available parking. Many students must arrive early for class in order to find parking or wait around until the previous class dismisses. Many times, when parking is finally acquired, the students have to walk long distances in inclement weather which can cause the student to be late for class.
Another change on campus should be a designated place where students can go to relax and hang out between classes, perhaps a student center. College students would benefit from a student center because there are times when classes dismiss early or cancel altogether. I have learned this is a problem from experience. Many students may live on or around the campus but not all do. Students have to wait in the car for an hour or longer in order to save gas, retain parking and to keep from going all the way home then return for other classes. Students need a place to relax, do homework, have a snack or study with friends, other than the library.
Another downfall at Gadsden State is the financial aid department. The wait is always long and the office is very crowded. The employees seem to rush each student in and out allowing...

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