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College Level Writing Essay

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College introduces students to academic challenges that are not typically presented during high school. Perhaps the most stressful academic task that students are faced with in this new environment is writing a successful college level essay. At first, these papers may appear to be similar to high school level essays. As a matter of fact, the techniques used for high school writing assignments are not of the same caliber as those required for college. Students need to improve upon several writing skills in order to achieve success on these more elaborate essays. With higher standards in place, students will find that effective writers need to have a mastery of the content, the ability to analyze and use evidentiary support, a firm grasp of language style, a good sense of organization, and the skills necessary to edit. All of these aspects of college level writing can be quite overwhelming. Because of this, students tend to rely on using excessive vocabulary terminology and improper vernacular. Consequently, their essays suffer.
As a freshman in college, I fell victim to the pressures of crafting “the perfect college essay”. I usually was able to maintain high grades on my papers, but I would occasionally become too frustrated to write a successful essay. Not only did my grades on these essays suffer, but my self-confidence as well. As an English major, it is important to believe that you have the ability to write a genuinely effective paper. When my patience for writing is tested, all of my skills and knowledge seem to escape my mind and fly out of the window. Now as a sophomore, it has become much easier for me to see which of my papers are stronger or weaker than others. It is important for me to critique my writing in this sense. If I do not accept my faults, I will never be able to improve further and become an even stronger writer.
After comparing some of my papers from freshman year of college to those from my sophomore year, I cannot help but laugh at the tremendous improvements that I have made in my writing. Last year, my objectives for writing were to impress my professors and to receive grades of “A” on each essay that I wrote. Although these objectives still apply to my current writing, I have additional objectives that have taken priority over those two. Now, I try to write honestly without over achieving. If my essay is based on another written piece such as a book or an article, I spend more time familiarizing myself with the material before writing my essay than I have in the past. Another improvement that I have made as a writer is the desire to edit my papers until I believe that they are error-free. Last year, I would simply read through my essays once or twice to check for spelling errors without paying attention to grammar or mechanics. I have since come to realize that this is unacceptable. Judging by my work ethic and attitude toward writing, it is clear that my literacy development has come a very long way over a short...

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