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College Dropouts Essay

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Many high school students succeed with a little leniency through their four years. The transfer from high school to college becomes overwhelming and a struggle for some. For students do not comprehend the importance of changing more than their location during the transition. A student must be psychologically, physically, and emotionally mature to pursue college and not venture into a point of no return. Dropping out of college makes the outlook of the conversion difficult to acquire. Individuals should take their time on deciding which college and/or university is the best match for them. There are various reasons that cause persons not to prosper. Issues that individuals may come upon might leave a lifelong scar. Matters such as these should not be as prevalent, creating a problem in the future for the well-being of our local communities and nation. The awareness of the causes of students dropping out will help educators, mentors, writers, and others to prevent occasions like this. Soon the dropout rate will increase and the hope for everyone being educated to acquire the needed knowledge to deal with upcoming improvements and preventions. The need for high school students to transfer into college smoothly and maintain self-discipline is significant. Anne Mallinson, Mark Kantrowitz, and Caralee Adams support this indication as well, providing several respectable points.
The importance of not failing before reaching the further educational standards that a student needs is great. Although some skills come by experience, preparation is the key to succeeding in college. Mallinson stated individuals that took a course with her “had a few qualifications and some had dropped out of school or been excluded (36)." She further expressed her feelings on the topic by saying, “…schools could have been more active partners in the preparation for studying at college (36)." Making sure a student is prepared for this transition is severe. Often students take high school for granted; consequently it shows when they reach college. For example, in high school, teachers may accept late work, tardiness, and continuous inappropriate behavior. The college classes that they will have to face will not tolerate such things as this. Preparing for the work load and lifestyle is the two most important objectives to grasp early.
Furthermore, many people want to progress in their work, some simply want to gain in depth education on the particular field they want to achieve. However, individual’s bosses do not always understand. Having a job while in college is a huge demand. Depending on whether students have families or not will put them in a tight position. Ultimately the demand for both will result in them dropping out of college. Mark Kantrowitz says, “Many students who drop out of college has to work while enrolled in college (Why Do Students Drop out of College Kantrowitz)." He follows up by saying that “they often find it very difficult to...

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