College Entrance Essay About How When I Was Young And Who I Am.

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Riding my bike I started out onto a street familiar to traffic jams, making sure I stayed on the sidewalk, and continued all the way to the corner and turned left. I pedaled as fast as I could, my LA Light sneakers taking a beating on the cracked pavement. The palm trees dwarfed me as I searched the familiar stores where my mom and I shopped. I leaned over my handlebars and stared at the fork in the road. Which one should I take? I was overcome with an uneasy feeling in my stomach and an overwhelming sensation of helplessness. My brain was an unorganized center of ideas and suggestions that made no sense. My brain delivered no knowledge of any sort of distinguishing landmarks. Pick one, I thought - left or right. Which direction I chose, I can't remember, because that was about ten years ago. What I can remember is how relieved I was when I began to recognize my surroundings. A jolt of energy rushed through my body and my purple Shwinn tore down the street. I rang the doorbell to my house and my mother stood there wondering why I had come, and why was I alone. "What are you doing here, and where's your father?" Knowing it wouldn't be easy to tell her the story of my journey; I stood in the doorway and in my four-foot frame stated, "I don't know."I was seven years old when I decided to go to my mom's because I was upset with my father. Now that I remember...

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Who am I and how do I know this.

1019 words - 4 pages that I am not these things, but we all know that society plays a big part in which we see others and worst of all see ourselves. How are am I to over come these obstacles that hinder my growth and at times hurt my heart? The answers are not always clear, but they are out there if one chooses to see them.How others my view me is something that really has no effect on me. I have gone through so much in these 28 years of my life that I no longer allow

Who Am I Essay

701 words - 3 pages ?Who I Am? February 14, 2001 There are many different things that come together when I try to figure out who I am and what will become of me. Although my morals, values, and family relationships have a huge impact on my life, hardships and tragedies are what made me a strong and confident person.The negative experiences that I?ve had in the last few years have really made me into what has become of me today. I struggled through all four years of

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1269 words - 5 pages When I look in the mirror I know whom I am, but society makes it difficult to understand who I am, because I was born to immigrants of Nigerian descent, and I am a first generation American, that term is sometimes used so loosely. By looking at my name they assume that I am from some island, but I am so quick to tell them that “I am Nigerian”, there is another statement that normally follows this. “You do not have an accent”. I wonder if I had

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1226 words - 5 pages For this essay we were to find our voice. Your Voice: the being of which you are. Who am I? Well maybe I should start with who I am not. I am not African American. I am not Spanish or Mexican. I am not Indian or Eastern. I am half Canadian but unfortunately do not know how to speak French. I am not rich or poor. I am a middle class, average white woman. I pay the least amount of money on my car insurance and yet I am cheated out of other

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770 words - 3 pages learned from and this particular mistake helped me realize who I am and what I want to do with my life. Nov. 15, 2002. It was around 8pm and I was driving in Irving. It was pitch black on the road and there were construction barriers. All of a sudden I see a shadow no more than 2 feet in front of my vehicle. I hit the object and paused for a moment. This is when my "friend" started screaming that the object I had hit was a person. He

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1131 words - 5 pages sweetheart, I am in the kitchen preparing your favorite dessert for tonight," her mother exclaims. Maria runs to her room, throws off her backpack and quickly heads for the kitchen. "How was school?" her mother, Beatriz asks. Before Maria could even respond to her mother's question she began crying hysterically. "Qué está equivocado...qué está equivocado (what is wrong)?" Beatriz asks. It took Maria about 10 minutes

Who Am I?

1926 words - 8 pages beginning.   Percy Sledge knew that "...loving eyes can never see..." because they (the eyes) 'try to hold on to what we need'. "When a Man Loves a Woman" <METWRONG" P fool.< that be would I most, like because feels..." he how exactly know "I Sledge, Like love. was them told eyes" "loving their what for or love rain" the in out "sleep and reasoning all defy actually who fool" a "played been have friends seen us of Many be." to ought it

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2196 words - 9 pages cannot simply discover the answer to by using formulas, calculations, and basic experiments. What will happen to me when I die? Is there some sort of non-physical part of me, or essence, that will like on? Or does it all just end? Who am I? Am I, as I am thinking this now, my consciousness? Is the consciousness just an overrated name attributed to the electrical signals being sent between neurons in my brain? Fortunately for me, these

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861 words - 3 pages Before I graduated and obtained the metaphysical degree I was asked to present in a class for two and a half hour on a topic freely selected, and had to present in a way applicable and at the end of my presentation people who listened to what I am saying will agree to it in some way if they can adopted my idea. Who are you? I am a spiritual being coming from the Universal Source, the Mind of God. The Source is the maker of me. The living

I Am Proud of Who I Am

1310 words - 5 pages able to accomplish goals that were just once a vision in my imagination. My parents have always encouraged, set positive affirmations and believed in me when I didn’t believe in myself. My father is a man of many titles he is and will always be the hardest workingman I know. He stops a nothing to secure the best for his family. When I think of my father I think of his unconditional love and how grateful I am that he had plays such a key role in

This essay is about memorys from when I was younger.

948 words - 4 pages value of having a friend you can trust. I told her everything and anything. She never told anyone anything I said, that's what I liked about her. She was trustworthy. I also liked how China could come up with the most ingenious ideas for having fun. We spent most of our time down at the park in the creek finding cool stuff like weird looking rocks to take home. China was one of the best friends I ever had, too bad she moved away after that year. I

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886 words - 4 pages When I was fairly young boy of about ten, I ran across a book titled Red Hawk. I immediately became engrossed into the tale and spent all of my free time devouring the words page by page. The story was a combination of fact and fiction. It followed the life of a young Indian boy named Red hawk from age ten to his tragic death in the Battle of the Bighorn. While it did follow the life of one character, it also demonstrated the plight of the

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962 words - 4 pages it make sense. One day it finally hit me. We were studying Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet in my freshman honors writing class. I had always thought of the tragedy as a story about two youths who happen to fall in an immature, self-destructive love. Each of us was assigned to groups to reenact a scene from the play, and I jokingly asked to play the nurse. How the kids responded intrigued me. The fact that they thought I, a guy, couldn't

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787 words - 3 pages father is a very educated person, and when it comes to wanting to learn, he greatly influenced me. Because of his impact on my decisions, I have recently graduated from high school and enrolled in college. I am also skilled in the area of music, as I know hoe to play both the piano and the flute, and do so willingly during my free time. Likewise, I am clever when it comes to language, for I know how to read, write, and speak fluently both in

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1029 words - 4 pages the eyes of destiny that I feel is staring back at me. How fulfilling it would be to finally know where, and not just that, I am going.But sometimes I don't actually believe that I'm going at all. I mean, I've only been in here for about...six minutes now? When that timer goes off, as it ultimately will, then I'll believe that my time here is up. But until then, I'll only know it. I know it because of those who have gone before me. Tales of