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Being a member of an immigrant family of six, and with a single mother that has worked extremely hard to get me where I am right now, it is very difficult to obtain the resources needed to further my education. Three of my siblings are married and with kids, and then there is me and my brother, we are both in the same grade and are graduating this year. We both plan to attend college; I am pursuing my dream of becoming a doctor, specifically a cardiologist and my brother plans to pursue a degree in engineering. Ever since I was a kid, I had my mother be my hero, seeing her work so hard have me hope that someday I will help people. I have always dreamed of giving them a chance to survive ...view middle of the document...

I have had to overcome what countless of Hispanic students have failed to achieve. In school I have been president of the Poetry Club, the Latino Culture Club, I have become a Freshman Mentor, I have translated for parents and teachers during school open houses and for Hispanic events here at Waltham High School. Most importantly, however, I have had the opportunity to show my skills by helping other students as a volunteer tutor with subjects such as Math, English, Science and History. Moreover, in the community I have volunteered as a lifeguard and a swim teacher for the Waltham Boys and Girls club. I have taken part of the Waltham Swimming and Diving team as well as the swim team at the Boys and Girls Club.
As a part of these experiences, I have also participated in a Nationals swim meet in Florida as a member of Team New England which was formed by Boys and Girls Clubs surrounding Waltham. In addition, I also work at Lizzy’s Homemade Ice Cream to assist my mother with paying the rent and house bills. Coordinating my time to swim, work, volunteer and study has not been...

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