College Entry Essay: Engineering Program

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In the 21st century engineering has a vital impact on our lives. It is almost everywhere you look. It gives a chance to make the world a safer, better and more exciting place to live. This fills me with a desire to be a part of this.
There are many factors that helped me to make my decision to pursue a career in engineering. Since an early age I have been fascinated by how things around me work. In my childhood I spent a lot time with my grandad, who was a car mechanic. He loved to share his knowledge with me which helped me at school. My fascination has not worn away over the years mainly due to my uncle's experience as an engineer, as he built an underground rail system in Warsaw. Many times he has taken me with him to his workplace and I have noticed that all the engineers are dedicated people who try to improve the world that we live in.
I see myself as a mature individual and I would like to increase my knowledge on engineering by entering into the world of Higher Education. This will lead me to have more complex studies, both theoretical and practical. I believe I am fully prepared physically and mentally to make this move. I am very disciplined and well-organized person and I always try to do my best to have the work done.
At my secondary school I particularly enjoyed Sciences, Mathematics and Graphics Communications. All of those subjects have a link to Engineering which is creating new projects and improving efficiency of the materials. I have especially enjoyed creating my project for Graphic Communication and taking part in many experiments in Physics. By my successful time management I am capable of meeting deadlines and deliver top quality work and at the same time allow myself to undertake extracurricular activities. As a prefect I tried to be a role model for...

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