What Does It Take To Become An Optometrist

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As time goes on the future becomes more relevant and what we as students decide to do with our future determines the overall outcome of the person we will develop in to. Since the beginning of grade school students work to the best of their abilities to become what they view in their own eyes as successful. Students are tested and put in constant competition their entire schooling career. The results of this competition determine what opportunities will be open for the individual to seize and later develop into their profession. In order to make any of these possibilities a reality, a student is required to make an extremely difficult, yet important decision. This decision involves the choice of receiving additional education after high school, whether it would be a college setting or a trade school.
The career choice I am currently considering is in the field of optometry. In order to complete the goal of becoming an optometrist, a student must first receive a four year Bachelor’s undergraduate degree from a college that offers majors in the studies of biology, chemistry, or bio/chemistry (ASCO). This helps limit the number of available schools that will allow a student to peruse a profession in the field of optometry. A large factor that effects what college a student will determine is the tuition costs. In order to become an optometrist, at least eight years of schooling are necessary (ASCO). This amounts to a large sum of money that could eventually turn students away from certain colleges. Another factor that goes into determining what college is right for an individual student is the retention and graduation rates of a college. All of the previously mentioned factors have allowed me to narrow my choices down to three schools. These schools include: Penn State University, Pittsburgh University, and Saint Francis University.
Penn State is a large public school widely known for its large output of successful engineers (Penn State). One thing about Penn State that often goes unnoticed is the state of the ark bio/chemistry courses that are offered at the university. The only down fall is the amount of money that is required to complete a major in bio/chemistry at the university of Penn State. Ranking in between the other two colleges being compared, Penn State’s yearly tuition for an instate student is $33,592 (Penn State). This includes on campus housing and all class requirements. This means after completing a four year Bachelor’s degree the total tuition will be around $134,400. This is not including the additional four years of schooling in an academy that specializes in the study of optometry. Although this large sum of money may seem intimidating, an optometrist normally earns a median of about $110,000 annually which will gradually be able to pay back any possible student loans (ASCO). All of these assumptions are only made possible if the major is first completed. This is where retention and graduation rates come...

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