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College Essay Draft 5

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I talk to walls. We have incredibly scintillating conversation. The walls, after all, see everything. They catch me up on all the latest gossip. The walls have seen plenty of incredible forensics pieces, ranging everything from The Addams Family Values, to An Adult Evening with Shel Silverstein. The walls laugh and cry with us, and are always great listeners.
My team rushed on stage, completely jubilant and thrilled. The audience comprised of competitors and coaches watched us, their faces a wash of admiration and envy. We took the trophy, and we all smiled for our obligatory photo opportunity. This was one of the happiest moments of my life, but it was also the culmination of hours of hard work, weeks of laughter, and gallons of tears. My Forensics team had just won second place in the state.
In forensics, like swimming, we compete as individuals, but we win as a team. This leads to close bonds of friendship that stick with us through the thick and thin of competition. My event, impromptu speaking, constitutes being given three topics, and having seven minutes to prepare and give a speech on one of them. This means that I have to be incredibly up to date on current events, have a large information bank of facts to draw from, and to keep my preparation time down to a minute, I must be very quick thinking. Both the closeness to other people and spontaneity required to be a strong competitor on my team have taught me a very valuable lesson of self acceptance.
Like the majority of the general populace, I suffer from self-doubt. Whether it be my essay on an AP Test, or my outfit for school, nothing in my life survives my scrutiny. As a self-labeled perfectionist, I’m constantly concerned about making sure that everything just right, and this leads to the frequent after-thought that...

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