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Essay A- My Catholic Life
I grew up in a very typical catholic family and was sent to a private catholic school up until I was thirteen. The school I went was very competitive; it was actually quite hard to find social acceptance in the environment I was in. We were all pretty much thought how to think, speak and act.
I was one of the lowest in my ranking. Even though my parents didn’t push me to try and reach the school’s unrealistic standards I was still forced to push myself because of the competitive environment the school had. Being in such an unhealthy environment made me think twice about my belief, I started to feel like I was a part of a cult. I wasn’t allowed to think for myself without being condemned.
I'm a very outspoken and creative person so you can only imagine how trapped I felt in that situation. It was already bad that I was put in a private school but it being Catholic made it much worse. At times I wanted to scream and chastise the school system. It got to the point where I felt brainwashed and controlled.
I got so sick of my position that I decided to denounce my religion. I didn't want to be a part of a cult-like school or belief, I wanted to be able to think for myself and be able to feel without thinking that my thoughts are unhealthy.
At first, I did feel guilty but then I felt relief that I can finally be myself.
I was moved...

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