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College Fraternities And Sororities The High Cost Of Social Acceptance

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College Fraternities and Sororities - The High Cost of Social Acceptance

College students who choose to join fraternities or sororities do so because of their need for social acceptance. I am personally against fraternities and sororities. I feel that it is money spent for the purpose of “buying” friends. There are many ways to meet interesting people other than devoting all of your time and money to a club in order to do so. Perhaps the people who join these groups have low self-esteem, social anxiety, or feel that the best way to make friends in college is to pay for them. I find this issue to be interesting because there are many Greek organizations on campus that are constantly advertising and promoting themselves. Non-members have a tendency to either be annoyed or amused with this behavior. To support my thesis I have conducted surveys, interviews and experiments. Because Greek clubs are all over campus, I knew that my surveys and interviews would receive honest responses as to why people join or don’t join. I asked more in depth questions, such as the person’s opinion about the issue. I was pleased with my responses.

I conducted an experiment in my apartment as the third step in my research. I threw a party and passed out Mardi Gras beads to most of the people who attended. I was not partial to any gender. Both men and women received beads. My plan was to observe how much social acceptance affects the way people interact with one another. If my hypothesis were correct, people who did not wear beads would either feel left out and group together, or attempt to mingle with the bead wearers and get rejected.

But first, the surveys I conducted were regarding why men and women in college decide to join or not to join a fraternity or sorority. Most of the responses where similar from both non-members and members. Non-members chose not to join because of numerous reasons. Out of twelve non-members, seven agreed that they would not join due to a lack of money, and six out of those seven said they still would not join even if they had the funds. Nine of the twelve felt that they would not have enough time to devote themselves to a fraternity or sorority. What I found to be the most interesting was that ten felt that the reason people join these organizations are just paying for friendship. The only reason these non-members agreed that it would be a beneficial to join a fraternity or sorority would be for academic achievements, such as the Honors fraternity, or one that pertained to your major.

Twelve members of fraternities or sororities were also surveyed. Eleven stated that they joined so they can meet new people and make friends. Only five agreed that they joined so they could help the community. Eight of the ten felt they needed to join so they would have a place to party and also meet girls. Three felt that being a member taught you leadership skills. Two joined because they thought...

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