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Since it has ever began college has been hard to get into. There are people who could get into college but the prices are too high. The prices can reach 10’s of thousands of dollars and they can’t afford to get in.There are too many requirements for what you need from high school to get into college. Colleges look at the grades of the core classes students take and not their electives, the classes they wanted to take and what they will most likely study in college, if they could get in. So why should graduated students even try to get in if it is so hard to? It should be easy and affordable.
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Accepting more people into colleges would not only benefit the student trying to go to that college but also the college itself. This is because the college would have a more diverse student body. Some students might have not done so well in some of the classes in high school. But if you look at the grades of the kids in their electives, they are better than their core classes. These are the classes the students get to choose themselves, the hobbies they enjoy. So students who get to choose their classes, have good grades in the classes they are going to study in college. So high schools can help get students better grades by making only three core classes and the rest electives and hiring more diverse staff that can teach different elective classes. Instead of having to have at least one semester of gym a year and making you have 2 credits why not have freshman year the only year where you have gym call that it. But people who voted for gym once a year will say that the United States is an obese country and we need gym for that to go away. But that is wrong, making students add another class that they don’t need for the future and not preparing them for their future.
Concluding all these reasons for college wrongdoings, you can see why it’s so hard. The...

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