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College Is Not For Everyone Essay

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College is not for Everyone
One question that comes to mind when graduating high school is, “should I attend college?” For many graduates this question have a very obvious answer. A high school graduate may state that, “college is the best option if one is trying to get a higher level of education, and will help one compete for a higher paying job.” However, in my opinion most graduates do not consider the fact that going to college is a very big decision to make and that the schoolwork will not be easy. Going to college is not the best choice for every high school graduate because many students cannot handle college, colleges’ lower standards, and not all jobs require a college degree.
First of all, many high school graduates cannot handle college. Isabel V. Sawhill and Stephanie Owen describe college as a place, “one can obtain a traditional four-year bachelor’s degree”. The work load outside of the classroom could be compared to working a full time job. For example, if a student is enrolled in four college courses and is in class a minimum of four hours the student should spend at least four to six hours of studying. This may be extremely agitating and stressful to a student that is not good at studying. The new college student may realize that the schoolwork is too much for him to handle and instead drop out. In Pharinet’s blog post, Is College for Everyone? He states that “…it is estimated that in the U.S., approximately 50% of students who begin college never graduate. There exist students who are not yet ready for the academic and financial challenges of college. There exist students who do not have the desire for college or learning.” This statement is important because if 50% of students that begin college never graduate, these students have signed a loan and have to repay this money. Regardless, if the student does not graduate, or obtains a job after graduation the loan must be paid back. The statement is also important because it is true that many high school graduates are not ready for college. The academic and financial challenges must be taken seriously, and the new college student must realize that he needs to be responsible in order to succeed in college as well as be able to financially support himself throughout college. The last part of the statement is perhaps the most important because it is true that many college students do not have the desire to learn, instead many attend college because of the social aspect, or simply because of the pressure to attend by the parents. The desire to learn is what determines how much effort one puts into his schoolwork. If the student does not want to learn that will reflect on his schoolwork and it will make it hard for him to succeed.
The second reason as to why not all students should go to college is because colleges have begun to lower standards. ACTs, SATs, and high school transcripts are all being looked at by colleges in order to decide whether or not a student is qualified to...

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