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College Life Films Essay

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Most movies that have college life in them have bad teachers or college students parting. Like in the movie 21 and Over. It’s about a group of college buddies that are all meeting up, one of them is just turning 21 so they go out to party, so bad things happen because they are drunk. Our the movie The Blindside its about a real life story of how Micheal Oher made it into NFL football. He had to work hard on his grade so he could get into college football. In the movie 21 and Over the whole movie is partying and you never see people studying or writing papers for college. Because with my college schedule I would not have anytime to go and party without failing out of college.

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The whole movie is telling us about Micheal’s life and how he became a very good football player in high school and how he had to work very hard to get the grades he needed to get into a college so he could play college football at the school he wanted. His family hired him a tutor to help him with his school work because he was failing classes. He would go to school then go to football practice and then go home and work with is tutor to get his school work done and to study and he also had to learn how to play football. So the whole movie you see how he had to work very hard to get to the place he is today. Unlike the movie 21 and Over this movie is showing that students have to work hard to get the grades that they need to get to where they want to be in life and that work is first then partying is second. Because Micheal Oher came from living on the streets to being adopted and having the family he always wanted, to being help to become a famous football player that he is today. Unlike the other movie Blindside is a true story and has real thinks in it and show the real work that you have to do to be good in college there is no partying and drinking every night.

When you are in college you can have fun times and party but not all the time like some movie show. You actually have to work hard to get grades that you want. You actually have...

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