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In high school students are typically assigned with a project there senior year which forces them to explore different professions by completing volunteer hours at multiple non-profit facilities. The purpose of this assignment is to give students a first-person view of job fields that they might be interest in. So take advantage of this assignment while others simply complete the volunteer hours to satisfy the assignment. In high school to complete these hours I began an internship at a local automotive facility considering the fact that since I was a teen I had a passion for fiddling with automobiles. During this internship I learned many tricks of the trade as well as what I needed to do ...view middle of the document...

This has helped me and others around me significantly; in fact one student within the group has seen a great increase in his GPA from this semester in comparison to last semester when we wasn’t working with the group. In addition to these study academic groups I have reached out to campus based SI groups to further my education in topics such a Chemistry. Alongside my academic goal I have a personal goal to continue accumulating hours at my internship to obtain the hands on experience required to be successful within the automotive world. Thus far I have calculated somewhere north of 500 working hours at the local shop over a two year time span and I expect that number to continue to increase.
My personal motivation to excel in my perspective job field roots from my teenage years. Shortly after my current internship which started when I was 17 years of age began I picked up a 1973 Camaro for to restore myself to gain more automotive experience. Throughout that restoration process I found out that I wanted to turn this into a career because I enjoyed the process so much. The idea that I can bring pack an object that someone has sentimental connections to back from the junkyard is the reason I do it, and it’s the reason that I want to continue to do it. My favorite part is when a project is taken out of the garage for the first time since the restoration process began. The face of each and every owner is unique however the overwhelming emotion of excitement continues to be the...

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