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College Research Paper

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Southeastern University is a private, Co-ed, Christian university. SEU’s main focus is to equip their students to be a next generation of leaders so that they can enter the real world as influential servants to their careers and communities. Southeastern university offers a plentiful amount of study programs, even the program I am interested in which is Human services. I selected this school First because it is a Christian college, and Second because of the programs of study. I chose to go to a Christian college because I grew up in a Christian household and because I believe in Jesus. I also chose Southeastern University because of the programs of study. SEU was one of the few colleges ...view middle of the document...

This department offers students programs in church ministries and a Master of Arts degree in ministerial leadership. The Last But not least is the College of business and legal studies equips students to become more ethical, skillful, and internationally astute leaders. This branch gives students the opportunity to pursue majors in the Department of business Administration or department of business administration or department of historical, legal, and leadership studies. The student to faculty ratio is approximately 20:1. There are 71% of classes that are under 20 students.
Going to this school will cost you over $30,000 including tuition, room and board, books and supplies, and other expenses. Tuition and fees in-state will cost almost $18,000 with the out-of-state costing the same. Room and board cost more or less $10,000. Books and supplies don’t cost as much as everything else and personally next to tuition books and supplies are the most important because it’s what you need to learn the material. Books and supply is roughly $900 altogether. Although cost is the more important thing in attending a college Southeastern University is one of the most affordable colleges within the national council of Christian colleges and universities. I Found the information on the costs for Southeastern university on (
The entrance requirements for SEU starts with the application process. Once you have completed the application then you move on to other things such as letters of recommendation, test scores, essays, and more. Southeastern doesn’t have a minimum Test or GPA score required to get in. Instead, they include your GPA in a broad discussion about your ability to succeed at SEU. SEU also includes your Christian character, personal recommendations, and desire and willingness to learn. The deadline to submit an application in any year is may 1st, for me it would be May 1st 2017. The deadline to receive a refund...

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