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College is a period of adapting from regular, socially centered life to a life more focused on studying and school work. This period of change is difficult as a balance is made between spending time with friends and making time for writing papers, deciphering mathematical equations, and fulfilling the requirements for any number of other course studies is made. Only college student’s can understand the difficulty in this. As with many college students, I live off campus in my own apartment. With this comes the need to incorporate my schedule with that of a roommate in order to afford the expenses of rent and utilities. One of the problems with this is that my roommate is not a college ...view middle of the document...

While this industry suits college students well, as it can easily be worked around class schedules, it is generally the opposite of standard hours of work. Another downfall of incorporating a service industry with class schedules and workload is the inability to work full-time hours. This can easily lead to shortcomings in sharing household expenses.
Watch any movie relating to college and at some point you will hear someone call his or her parents asking for money. While this might simply be a line of dialogue that leads to some humorous situation of the student jumping through hoops to earn his tuition, it gives insight into the real world financial struggle of college students. As the expenses of tuition, books, and supplies pushes deeper into a student’s budget there is less money available for extra expenses. When most people are going to the mall on the weekend to buy the newest pair of Nike shoes, students are often counting change in their rooms, trying to get enough money together to put gas in their cars just to last another few days. Gone is the importance of fashion and trendy items, having the newest video game or fanciest phone cover is in the past. Even the purchase of essential items such as food tends to depreciate to a cabinet full of Ramen noodles and freezer full of chicken nuggets found on sale at ShopRite. When the time comes to relax and enjoy some time away from the stress of school, the activities enjoyed by a college student even lean toward more frugal activities. Instead of taking that trip to “the city,” it is often preferable to stay in town and go see a movie, or go bowling. These activities definitely reflect the budgetary constraints on a student, and even their choices in social activities.
When coordinating social schedules, college students often find it easier to associate with one another due to class schedules and interests. In fact, a majority of...

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