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College! Should You Go? Essay

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In today’s society it is almost demanded that the after high school students should go or take some type of college classes. The fact that the economy is down and jobs are looking for professionals/ top tier students it is important that that you go to college. Some say that there are plenty of successful people who made a living without going to college and they are ok. Well there may be plenty of factors that play into the fact on why you should not or can’t go but that should not hold you back, there is always a way. As many people as possible should be encouraged to attend college because throughout their lifetime college graduates are less likely to be unemployed and they earn ...view middle of the document...

Some may say well they got the job because they boss went to the same college. Well that may be but the qualifications of the first applicant was up to par. The first applicant only had a high school diploma/ G.E.D and has worked at Target for two years. This situation describes the opportunity that most colleges if not all offer when you complete your college courses.
With all of the opportunity there is going to be work behind it and it is said that high school does not prepare you for the struggles of college. If so then why not try to change the school systems, but if you stand back and realize that schooling is a stepping stone and the higher you get the harder it is. College is a way for students to strive for their best especially with help from counselors tutors, teachers, and also fellow students. There are many ways that a student can get involved and get what they need out of the experience. It may be proven that the curriculum of certain schools may be under standard which have been identified by school admins like Freeman A. Hrabowski and many other,...

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