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College Sports And Money Essay

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College athletes should not be paid and the reasoning for that opinion is that college athletes attend school to get a degree not to become rich and famous afterwards. A majority of college athletes are attending school with all expenses paid so there is no reason for them to be receiving money from outside sources. If college athletes were to be paid for playing their specific sport then a lot of them would not try as hard as they do now because they don’t have to worry about making it to the pros, they would just settle for what they receive now. It is a privilege to be a part of a collegiate sports team, something kids dream of when they are young, it is not am occupation and something you should be paid for. The recruiting process would also be completely lost if college student athletes were paid.
The first reason of many to why athletes should not receive money for playing their specific sport is because college student athletes attend college to get an education and not to major in becoming rich and famous. Every college student attends schooling for one reason and that’s to further their education beyond high school and make something of themselves. Education is important in many young lives because it is what their future will consist of, it is what betters them for their career. If a student is going to be attending a university and playing a sport, school should come first especially if that student-athlete is on a full ride. There is no reason why a college student athlete should worry about making money while attending school, because there number one goal while they are there is to obtain some form of degree, and major in something that they want. Attending college with a mindset of going pro and nothing else won’t get you far in school. Going professional in your sport is something that should come after you finish school. Getting good grades and passing your classes is something that will make you achieve your goal of playing a professional sport, your talents won’t always get you there.
The second reason to why college athletes should not be paid is that if you are one of the blessed individuals with amazing talents and receive a full ride scholarship, there is no need for you to be making money while you are in college. Many students may argue that a full ride scholarship is the same thing as getting paid because you are receiving money that pays for your schooling (Daugherty 1). However, I believe that getting scholarships to pay sports at a college is not the same as getting paid to be a college athlete. I’ve personally known many college athletes that receive scholarships but yet still have some things to pay for because their scholarship wont pay for everything, or their scholarship is only covering their sports and not academics. No matter what kind of scholarship it is you have to work for it, nothing will just come to you. If you have the ability and talent to receive a full ride for your sport and especially to a...

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