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College Students’ Exposure To Mental Illness/ Depression

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Many American students who graduate school seeking a higher education through college and or technical school is typically idolized amongst families and peers. Unfortunately, college has become extremely expensive for those living in the middle and lower class households. Many students often apply for student loans to compensate for what scholarships and federal financial aid to do not cover, such as the expenses of tuition, books, room and boarding fee. The stress of financial aid alone often interferes with a student’s ability to successfully learn. College students often face restless nights. They sometimes become over ecstatic about distractions relating to their social ...view middle of the document...

The behaviors of students who believe they take on a high or extreme level of stress (either personal or educational) are studied and surveyed then compared to the signs and symptoms of depression and the mental illness bipolar disorder. Upon reading this proposal students and peers should consider their own lives as well as the lives of those who attended college and their personal struggles in which they had to overcome to succeed.
Purpose of Study
Although, many college students live on to see their graduation and build their careers they can still face adult depression as well as developing bipolar disorder if the mind begins to create an imbalance. The research problem being studied is the effects of stress and lack of sleep on a minority college student’s emotions and mental strength. Being a psychology major it is essential to observe the lives and motives of individuals, in this study the minority college student demographic will be observed for healthy and unhealthy habits.
Depression and mental illnesses are not openly discussed amongst minority communities. Campuses often provide counseling and psychology resources for students but they are not generally taken advantage of. As a psychology major this research is prominent to aiding to not only the learning skills but spreading depression and mental health awareness. The expectations of our future leaders and helpers of America cannot strive for a successful life and income if they are not aware of the mental unhealthiness college students are experiencing. Data on the suicidal rate and the attempts of suicide college students who have experienced depression at an extreme rate have been recorded- 1,100 college students commit suicide annually (Schaeffer, 2011). Results show that depression prevention and awareness would be a key factor to decreasing the rate of suicide.
Before conducting research an operational definition must be provided...

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