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College Students Perception In Using Credit Cards

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Our first question showed a result that out of the surveyed students in De La Salle Lipa 55% of them were male and 40% of the female had a credit card while 5% of the female surveyed did not. All in all 95% owned a credit card and the remaining percent don’t have some any credit card.Our first question showed a result that out of the 40 De La Salle Lipa surveyed students 55% of them were male and 40% of the female had a credit card while 5% of the female surveyed did not.Out of the 55% male respondents that have or had a credit card 72.38% of them owned a credit card before entering college, while the other 37.50% obtained their first credit card after entering college, while out of the 40% of the female respondents, 62.5% of them owned a credit card before beginning college and the other 27.27% obtained their first credit card after entering college.
With these results the researchers can say that the majority of the researcher’s respondents had owned a credit card before entering De La Salle Lipa.We can infer from the results that the majority of first and second year students had obtain their credit card before entering college and the only year that has majority in having a credit card after entering college is the Third year.
As evident to the results the male respondents, 9% always used their credit card we can infer from this that these male students who always use their credit card most likely used their card for every day purchases. 50% of them answered sometimes which we can say they only use their card in emergencies or dire situations. 22.72% answered often meaning they are close to using their credit card for every day purchases. Lastly 18.18% response was never meaning these male students will only use their credit card for emergencies. The graph shows that out of the female respondents, 6.25% answered always which means they are using their credit card for everyday purchases or they prefer pay with card rather that cash. 43.75% of the respondents answered sometimes meaning they only used it as a last resort while 31.25% responses was often these people are close to using their credit card every day. And lastly 18.75% answered they have never used their credit card which means they intend only to use their card for emergency purposes only.

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