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College Students Should Not Have A Job

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Why shouldn’t college students work? There are a lot of reasons why. In college there are a lot of things college students should be more worried about than working. Like their classes and grades. We know some students are not fortunate enough to be in college and not work. Being from another state and not having a full scholarship or not having enough money to support yourself while in college. Means you do have to work to help pay for school and rent. That could be a reason to have to work. If you do work there are some beneficial things to working and some negative aspects. But there are many more negative aspects when working in college. College students should not work while going to school because there is no time, more stress, and you’ll have time management problems.
First College students should not work while going to school because there is no time. In College you already have no time for ...view middle of the document...

Also even working out and going to family activities such as family dinners. Make sure you think about this before getting a job.
Moreover, College students should not work while going to school because you’ll have more stress. You will defiantly have more stress in your classes. You’re going to be working and trying to finish homework which will be almost too impossible. Studying for exams will be even harder which will make your grades go way down. With a job and no scholarship of any kind you will have bills. You will have bills such as rent. You need a car if you have a job so that’s a car payment and insurance. You’re going to be tired while having a job and going to school. You’ll barely have time for sleep or naps. This leads to buying energy drinks. Which are not good for you, so if you’re a student you will have plenty of stress but adding a job will add more stress.
Most importantly, College students should not work while going to school because of time management problems. Having time to go to class is one problem. You will probably be later to classes. Homework will probably not be done, which leads us to bad grades. Having time in your schedule to study is difficult too. With work it’s hard to find time to study. Plus you will not have much time to study if you have job, which can lead you again to bad grades. If you don’t have time to study, you probably don’t have time for homework either. It is either going to be late or not done. Again bad grades! If you get a job make sure you have good time management skills.
Having a job isn’t always a bad thing in college, but for most students it is. A job could either help you in the long run or bring you down. In my eyes it will harm you. From my experience if you want a job in college you will have to choose between school and partying while working you cannot do all three. You have to have the ability to handle stress and have very efficient time management skills. If you can’t work and go to school I suggest you take out a school loan. I promise taking a school loan out won’t hurt you. But if you do choose to have a job it’s my warning to tell you it won’t be easy.

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