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College Study Part Three Essay

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Everyone has a basis for what they aspire to be when they grow up. It usually starts with the occasional fairy princess or President of the United States but then it moves to something a bit more reasonable such as becoming a surgeon, or an engineer. Somewhere between the times of (in my case) fairy princess hopes and surgical dreams, people usually have a list of the ideal schools that they want to go to; most everyone has high goals for themselves in that department. That list is never truly finalized until one applies, or even meets the expectations, for the colleges of their choosing, and that all starts with making a decision as to which schools fuel the bright flames that are one’s ...view middle of the document...

These are the decisions that make or break someone’s future; these are the choices that decide someone’s whole life.
Going into this final section of the project, (in which I am throwing a mini party for) I decided to stick with the two colleges I used for college study part two, Oxford and Stanford. I decided to stay with these colleges instead of switching one out with CSU because CSU does not offer a major in the field that I want to go in to, and I can not stress how important that is to me. My first choice of schools was Oxford for many reasons listed in previous parts of this project. Since Oxford is an international school, there are many hoops that I must jump through as an international student. Oxford requires that students from the United States must have a SAT score in critical reading and mathematics of at least 1,400 combined (“International Qualifications”). That isn’t one of the worse qualifications considering the highest possible score on each section of the SAT is 800. I would need at least a 700 on either section, or a combination of 600 and 800. They also require a score of 700 or higher in the rest of the SAT tested subjects. Again, this isn’t a hard requirement to reach. If I study hard and focus on what I am doing the test, I believe that I could easily get a 700 on the SAT. If I don’t get a 1,400 on the critical reading and math sections of the SAT, the school gives me the “and/or” option of getting a 32 out of 36 on the ACT (“International Qualifications”). If receiving a score of 700 in all the rest of the subjects is not attainable, Oxford requires for students to have an A in three or more AP classes (“International Qualifications”). The United Kingdom does not use grade point averages in their education system, so they do not look deeply into that when international students apply. No information was given about GPA, so I estimate that I would want a 3.5-4.0+ GPA anyways just in case they do care. Class rank is also not mentioned in the application requirements on the webpage for Oxford. The admission process is quite lengthy. In order to apply to oxford, one needs to pick a major and make sure they have done all of the requirements for the course. Some courses require tests and written work to be turned in prior to applying, so I need to make sure I have that done well in advance. Students can also choose an open application, or apply for a specific college at Oxford (“Applying to Oxford”). Applications are then submitted to the University and Colleges Admittance Service, or UCAS for short. UCAS is the UK’s version of Naviance. If any of the colleges at Oxford like your application, they will invite you for an interview. Oxford scrutinizes all of its applicants, and selects 10,000 to interview. Of those 10,000, only about 3,500 are offered a place at the school (“Applying to Oxford”).
Stanford was my second choice of schools because of the atmosphere. My interviewees from college study two loved the fact that...

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