College Suicides And Depression Essay

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The clock ticks, sweat drips down foreheads, and the professor watches intently as the students take their tests. It’s finals week, a dreaded time when students cram as much information into their heads as possible and try not to burn out until the completion of their semester exams. There isn’t much to be done about the stress. At this point it is inevitable. The stress put upon students while attending college has caused an increase in the number of suicides as well as a rise in cases of depression.
Why suicide? Why is it becoming a more common escape method from the academic, financial, and transitional burdens put on college students? Depression and suicides among college students make more headlines than the more familiar problems of drinking and vandalism that occur on campus. Suicides are a dramatic way to relieve stress or depression. Although suicides are fairly rare, they still account for the third leading cause of deaths of individuals raging from 15-24 years of age (Suicide Rates and the Troubling Economy.) There are many reasons why these mental health problems are on the rise and why they will continue to occur (Depression, Suicide Rising among College Students.)
Academic pressure is one of the more obvious reasons as to why suicides and mental illnesses like depression occur in many college institutions. Most colleges have become, and continue to become, more competitive each and every year. This stress alone can send the most intelligent student into a spiral of depression very quickly. Not only is there the pressure of competing between peers, but there may also be an immense pressure expressed from parents as well (Depression, Suicide Rising among College Students.)
Culture shock is another factor that greatly impacts students. When individuals move from a sheltered life of having an immediate support system to an environment where they are forced to cope with a stressful event on their own, some students experience serious problems. The situation is even more difficult when the student is attending a school located across the country far from home. Most students can handle the transition of moving away from home and the stresses of distance and separation, some students have even looked forward to and have been anxiously awaiting independence, and others simply can’t handle the new lifestyle and the difficulty of adjusting to a new setting. They feel alone and isolated (Depression, Suicide Rising among College Students.)
With the economy in as bad shape as it is today, it is no wonder why college students are feeling a tight pinch in their belts and their wallets. Not only has education become more expensive, but there is also less financial aid and grant scholarships available for financially needy students. This creates a huge burden on many college students, especially those students that come from middle and lower income families. Not only is there stress from competing with other students for the...

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