College Universtiy Students Should Take Advantage Of Open Curriculum

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Is education system in collegues good enough to prepare us for the future?Although students start the last stage of their education life, does it make sense to give the freedom of choosing compulsory courses to university?For example in some collegues, history lesson is compulsory for computer engineer departments, electronics lesson is compulsory for civil engineer departments and advanced mathematic lesson is compulsory for fine arts departments.There can be some explanations for university administration about this subject, but in my opinion,(as a university student) this traditional system needs to be changed, because every individual person has different characteristics and needs and university administration must not determine these students' courses just by looking of their department.For these reasons, university students must absolutely be free to choose their own courses which is called "open curriculum".
First of all, when university students have complete freedom to choose their own courses their performance clearly increases in many ways.Primiraly, this provides students to pay more attention to courses.Because they choose these courses volunteerly, it's obvious that these courses attract students more than the others.When they have the freedom of choice, their attendance to these classes increases, too.According to a survey conducted by Tom Clay and Lori Breslow, who are learning consultants, the most important factor students decide on lecture attendance is quality/clarify of lectures and they explain the reason with these words: "If students do not expect to learn from lectures, they are less likely to attend classes"(2006, para. 5).This result surely shows that students expectations and quality of lectures directly affects students' attendences and thanks to open curriculum system students can choose the lectures they want and attend them.Also with this attention, these students listen the instructor more carefully.The other positive effect of open curriculum system is that students can be more successful by putting the same effort that in traditional system.Students who are taking a course volunteerly can have a better average grade at the end of the year.They do this by studying harder and by taking place in extra-curricular activities about the subject.If students choose their lessons according to their wishes and interests, they do not get bored and lose concentration when studying these lessons.As a result of this they study harder and become more successful.Secondly, extra-curricular activities like participating in some education clubs and making a research volunteerly about their courses out of the class hours, makes students more informed about the course and this leads to success.
another positive effect of choosing courses freely for university students is that choosing part provides students to play a more active role in their education life.This happens mainly in two ways.Firstly,they know how these courses will...

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