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The Difference Between College and High School Even though high school and college are similar in the fact that they are there for learning, there are many differences between the two. High school is a conservative and disciplined learning environment, whereas, college is a liberal free minded learning institute. The difference between the two is most likely related to the fact that high school is mandatory and college is optional. With the increasing competitive work, a combination of high school and college will be necessary to obtain a high paying job. Responsibilities in high school are somewhat numerous, but more strictly based on discipline than curriculum. In high school, students are on a required attendance policy that has legal consequences if it is not followed accurately. In high school, the teaching staff is required to focus much of their time on discipline, instead of teaching. In high school, the responsibilities of studying are usually easier, except for advanced placement classes. In college, one finally begins to realize what responsibilities are, the hard way. In college no one tells the students to go to class. They do not call home to verify an illness or a check on a note from home. The responsibility of going to class lies in the student, not the teacher or parent. By attending college, one is trying to better themselves voluntarily, by showing initiative of wanting a higher education. Since college is voluntary and high school is not, a lot of people who feel they had no need in a high school education, are no longer there. Now the teacher can focus more on the students who want to learn, instead of taking up the time with the ones who do not. Study habits are the biggest difference in responsibilities in college. Teachers no longer remind students to study and do their homework, as they had done in high school. The cost of going to high school is cheap, actually it is free. Other than lunch and an occasional class expense, high school education is free of cost. That is until you begin to look at the enormous amount of taxes that are paid to support "free school". The right to a free high school education is one of the principles that this country was founded. It is the main reason that this country has the highest educated general public of any country. Money, money, money, the first thing that comes to mind when most people start thinking of a college education. A college education has become one of the most expensive investments a person will make, gambling that it will pay for itself in the future. The cost of college varies greatly on where you go, and what type of education you wish to pursue. As an example, the tuition for Broward Community College is forty-three dollars...

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