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Colleges And Universities: Do Not Narrow The Path, Follow Your Dreams

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Many students, especially seniors are not aware of the differences between a college and a university. Students tend to believe that colleges and universities only differ in size and prices, but they are mistaken. There are many differences between a college and a university, such as price, class sizes, teachers’ degrees, degrees offered, and environment.
Money should not be a matter of fact to limit expectations.Universities are the best options to start planning and improving life. Even though universities are more expensive than colleges, the knowledge and wisdom acquired from universities is vast and. There are several sources where students can get their funds to pay for their ...view middle of the document...

Students, especially seniors need to realize that a university is not the same as a high school. These two are hugely different. Sometimes students do not realize how important an SAT score might be. Regardless of anything, students do not realize that they need to give their best in any class that is being taken. Because no one will give scholarships to good looking students, students need to deserve a scholarship in order to obtain it. Standardized test such as SAT and ACT are very important.
Many people tend to believe that a class size is important in the learning process because the lesser the students, the most the learning, but unfortunately they are mistaken. Everything depends on the student’s perspective and desire to acquire knowledge. Because depending on the student’s responsibility and willingness to improve his/her life, students have to choose whether they want to narrow their options by staying at their hometown or keep looking forward for a better life in a university.
Universities offer superior education, where broad opportunities are offered, providing security and confidence to many students....

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