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Collegiate Athletes Receive Enough Payment Essay

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The most recent uproar among college sports is the discussion of whether or not collegiate athletes should receive pay. Leo Gerald of The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette writes about how collegiate athlete do deserve to be paid. Gerald says collegiate athletes deserve payment because of scholarship reduction, the risk of life changing injuries, and schools do not provide medical insurance to the athletes. Some agree with what Gerald wrote in The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, however I do not. Collegiate athletes should be thankful for what schools provide for them. Schools provide collegiate athletes with a reduced tuition, take precautions on injuries, and require athletes to have medical insurance ...view middle of the document...

Life changing injuries are never considered good things, but collegiate athletes made the choice to participate in college athletics. When making this choice, collegiate athlete accepted the consequences that go along with playing their sport. These consequences include needing to miss class, not having as much free time, as well as injuries. Collegiate athletes are aware of these consequences before choosing to participate, so it should not come as a surprise. If collegiate athletes were to receive pay, this makes participating in college athletics less of a choice and more of a necessity. College athletes would feel the need to participate as a way to contribute to supporting their families. All colleges take precautions in order to protect their athletes. Every college athlete is required to have a health physical on file. Schools also provide athletic trainers that are present at every practice and competition. Schools make their best effort to protect their athletes.
College athletes must have medical insurance before they are allowed to participate. Gerald believes this should be provided by the school saying, “They want medical coverage for sports-related injuries sustained by current and former players” (par. 10). Schools providing medical insurance to their athletes would be extremely costly. The schools would have to...

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