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Collegiate Infractions Essay

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The NCAA and its student-athletes deal with much more than are seen by the general public. The coaches and players always have hidden agendas. Scandals or infractions are committed every year in collegiate sports and are left unnoticed. The NCAA does its best in trying to keep this under control but have difficulty doing so. Student-Athletes receiving improper benefits and breaking NCAA rules are a common group and information on these atrocities must be brought to light.
The receiving of improper benefits expand over a wide range of topics and areas. All forms of “Extra-benefits are forbidden by the NCAA…” (NCAA Compliance 1). Athletes from every state are subjected to these rules without any exceptions. Receiving these benefits are grounds for the taking away of athletic eligibility. There are many forms of improper benefits “[that] include cash, gifts, loans, flowers, etc.,…” (NCAA Compliance 4). There are exceptions that apply to certain benefits although, for example “[if] the gift is available to the whole student body of an institution than it is not [considered] improper” (NCAA Compliance 3). Exceptions also include team meals that “must be for special occasions and [must] happen infrequently” (NCAA Compliance 3). These team meals in their defense are good for the athletes on the team to eat and bond together to improve chemistry. This being said, the athletes may not be given top quality food all the time. Housing is another issue that must not be improved for a certain superstar athlete. They must be housed in the same dorms as the rest of the student body.
These benefits and infractions aren’t only included in gifts given and received, but also in recruiting violations and admission scandals. Coaches are allowed to go out and visit possible recruits at their homes. During visits “Coaches may only discuss [the] benefits of the school” (Dave Telep 2). Extra incentives are prohibited from being mentioned or talked about. The only benefits of choosing a certain school are those of a free education. Coaches do not always follow these rules, since the NCAA cannot monitor every visit, and the coaches may give a little something extra to a recruit during this time. The gift that “[is] frequently given [is] cash …” because it is the easiest to transfer discreetly (Telep 5). There are recruits from all over receiving benefits behind the NCAA’s back. The NCAA launches into this all the time “…but many recruits will lie…” (Matt Ryan 3). The athletes will use their ability in sports as a privilege to receive this cash for their time.
There are many reasons that the use of improper benefits is so frequent. Coaches are trying their hardest to sway the big time recruits to come to their team. They try their hardest to keep an athlete interested in their program. Coaches use cash and other gifts to “… help give an extra nudge in the right direction” (Matt Ryan 1).Sometimes the school as a whole just doesn’t appeal to the athlete and a coach...

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