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Collegiate Sports Essay

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Weston (2006) provided a more focused approach in describing the value of foreign signings in collegiate competition. However, instead of focusing on the financial gains associated with sustained success in division 1 competition, Weston discussed the benefits of international recruitment to collegiate sports as a whole to promote globalization and integration in collegiate sports.
The term international student-athletes was used by Weston in referring to any foreign born student recruited by a university to play a specific sport in exchange for a college scholarship. In order to gauge the benefits of international recruitment, Weston asserts that a review of pertinent factors must be made. Factors stated by by Weston in her study includes the current standards of the NCAA, the effects of these signings to the educational opportunities and playing environment for local student-athletes and the American perception of internationalization of college sports (Weston, 2006).
The primary benefit of international recruitment is the improvement of an already celebrated phenomenon in the United States. Globalization in collegiate sports through migration and movement of foreign athletes is generally beneficial for all institutions (Weston, 2006). The presence of these international athletes provide diversity that enriches the whole educational and sporting experience in inter-collegiate sports, fostering a sense of brotherhood, international relations, and cultural integration that Weston believes would improve the political and social awareness of students that are not only limited in the realm of sports competition.
The increased number of available talent increases the quality of competition, resulting into the improvement of the sports programs, player evaluation, training and recruitment of the various schools given that an increased in the number of talents would require each school to prepare and improve themselves in order to remain competitive (Weston, 2006). Improvements in competition is especially relevant in division 1 schools, sine these institutions have more incentives to look for and recruit international talent. Moreover, the improvement in the quality of competition can also result into an increased interests of fans. Increased interest and participation of a school's fan base strengthen not only the school's spirit and bond, but also provides a means for an institution to earn significant revenues and financial support that can further be used to improve the school's educational system and sports programs (Weston, 2006).
Weston (2006) also notes that complications do arise due to increasing presence of international student-athletes. The NCAA has made an effort to regulate the recruitment and signings of foreign athletes to ensure that these students meet the educational standards in the United States. Weston explain that this issue is relevant because it prevents the illicit practice of recruiting foreigners that...

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