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Intersectionality according to Patricia Hill Collins is the “theory of the relationship between race, gender and class” (1990), also known as the “matrix of domination” (2000). This matrix shows that there is no one way to understand the complex nature of how gender, race and class inequalities within women’s lives can be separated; for they are intertwined within each other.
Gender order according to our text is labeled as “hierarchal” (2008), stating that “Men dominate women in terms of wealth, power, and social position, but not all men dominate all women” (2008). While this may be true, it is creating a divide between the two genders. This divide is apparent by looking at the pay scales between men and women, and even how the genders are looked at in terms of jobs or college admissions. Looking at today’s society however, women are slowly rising to compete with their male counterparts, in many ways, from education, government, and even television, for example Oprah Winfrey.
With the mentioning of Oprah we [the reader] see how race and even in some ways class inequalities affect the matrix. Within the racial ethnic order the dominate group is Caucasian, but to look with a different lens, African-Americans are slowly up and coming; look at Linda Rice-Johnson (CEO of Johnson Publishing Co.), Oprah Winfrey (CEO of Harpo Productions Inc.), and even Lisa Price (CEO of Carol’s Daughter); these three personalities show that you don’t have to be Caucasian to have presence or privilege. Our text notes that “However, no one person is completely oppressed or completely privileged” (2008). This is a completely true statement, and it coincides with the...

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