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Colloquialism And Saying In The U.S. Virgin Islands

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The U.S. Virgin Islands is predominantly an English speaking island; however the most popular language spoken over the past 400 years has been Virgin Islands Creole English as well as Dutch Creole. The U.S. Virgin Islands became an English speaking country in 1917 when the island was were formerly the Danish West Indies. Over the years Virgin Islanders have communicated with each other with a dialect some Virgin Islanders call “broken english. But some scholars call Creole English along with their linguistics they have also made up many expressions of wisdom and truth handed down by earlier generations which are still being used today. The term creole was formed by enslaved Africans whom ...view middle of the document...

The cultute and the birth of english croele of the virgin came from the sss islands which appeared in close proximity and were derived by the african and eurpean colonists who share common bloodlines and a common culture. Although the scholars do call the dialect english creole for all the usvi there is a slight difference. The crucian dialectis more distinct and carry different chracteristicsbecasue they sharemany similarities with the english creole of belize and panama. The dialect of st.john and st.thomas share similarites with both the crucian and british virgin islands variants. St.croix was owned by the french unntil 1733 when the danes bought and by 1741 there were as many engish on the isand of danes and english croele came on st.croixmore so of dutch than creole which was more popular on st thomas and st john creole languages are simp,e with little use of grammar. The switch from Dutch creole to english was quite hard for because of the lack of correct forms of grammar. English creole formed as the populous lerned english verbs nouns and adjectives but it lacked the correct rules for putting them together. The phrases that begined with “I is” and”I be” illustrastrate the lack of grammar rules these phrases are often heard today in randon and causal converstaions with the local and especailly young children. Most linguist describe the dialect of the us virgin islands as transiational lanuage where there is a brodge between dutch creole and standard englsish. Although th e last native dutch croele speaker died in 1987 virgin islands creole english was more commom in the 19000's and 1970s but many of the words are stil beng used however standard is most widely spoken and written. A chracteristics of creole english that is still very popular is the doublning of words as a way of reinforcment. Creole english is seen as bad engish and often asscoated with the poor and uneducated. Some examples of Virgin Islands English Creole words such as dem mean a way of pluralizing a noun of two a bomba which is an over bearing person....

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