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CONSEQUENCES OF CHEATINGAcademic Misconduct: Collusion, Plagiarism and Misrepresentation of FactsThe definition of collusion is: 1. a secret agreement, esp. for fraudulent or treacherous purposes; conspiracy; 2. a secret understanding between two or more persons to gain something illegally (, Unabridged (V 1.1). On the website for Boston College (, collusion is defined “as assistance or an attempt to assist another student in an act of academic dishonesty. Collusion is distinct from collaborative learning, which may be a valuable component of students' scholarly development. As a part of this, misrepresentation of one’s or another’s identity for academic purposes could also be a form of collusion.Impersonating a student is one example of unethical academic behavior or collusion and could lead to academic barring. Of the many consequences of cheating, academic suspension or barring can affect your educational opportunities and can be a negative factor in getting accepted at other institutions.A high school student, Barry, was interested in learning about a particular subject at the college level. After obtaining a list of class schedules from a local university, he decided to attend the class. During the initial roll call, Barry waited until the instructor called a student’s name for the third time before responding to that name. Barry in essence assumed the identity of the student and attended the class the entire semester maintaining an A average. He would have achieved his goal and succeeded in completing the course if the student he was impersonating had not decided to show up for the final. As luck would have it, both he and the student he was impersonating turned in their finals at the same time and the instructor noticed the duplicate names. Both students were detained and an investigation was conducted. Once the university ascertained that Barry was a minor and not enrolled in the university, his parents were notified. The result of his actions was that he was permanently barred for life from ever attending the university or any of its campuses.Another consequence of unethical academic behavior or collusion is the loss of credibility on the professional level or administrative actions being taken on the academic level. If an individual submits a paper or report for review or publication and it is later found that the work is not his or through collusion has taken credit for another’s work, the individual could lose all academic or professional credibility and any future works would be suspect and given little or no credibility. Academically, one such example of...

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1927 words - 8 pages collusion will be treated as cheating in terms of Monash UniversityStatute 4.1 - Student Discipline . Plagiarism: Plagiarism means to take and use another person's ideas and or manner of expressing them and to pass these off as one's own by failing to give appropriate acknowledgement. This includes material from any source, staff, students or the Internet - published and unpublished works. Collusion: Collusion means unauthorised collaboration on

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2760 words - 11 pages Qantas and Virgin Blue respectively as shown in Figure 1 above. Collusion is a form of cooperative game. Collusion gives the firms in an industry effective monopoly power. For example, in the airline industry if both Qantas and Virgin were to collude and charge a higher fare they would act as a monopoly and by using this monopoly power both would obtain higher profits. Graph 2 below illustrates this fact. Graph 2 Incentive to collude in

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673 words - 3 pages transacted through the Internet, and allows for expanded competition among suppliers. Disadvantages: With so much focus on lower prices, initial quality would be affected, current supplier relationships would deteriorate, collusion of suppliers could result, and the possibility of an Internet security threat could arise. Sun prides itself on strategic supplier relationships. Making this type of change in

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668 words - 3 pages indicated the desire by a company’s brain trust to merely accumulate more wealth. It did not appear the interest of the average consumer was of any concern to the corporation. Evidence of price fixing, collusion and the creation of barriers into a market is common place. It is apparent the corporate sector has forgotten one important fact. The major source of income for any corporation who sells goods and services comes from the everyday consumer

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