Colmate: A Market Entry Assessment. Students Were To Select A Locally Owned Consumer Godd And Conduct An International Market Entry Study.

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COLMATEMarket Entry AssessmentReport 2006Colmate Team members*Dominic Borbas *Elliott Bichala *Michelle Ng *Walter VelizTable of contents1.Executive Summary 42.Introduction 52.1 company background 52.2 purpose of report 62.3 objective 63.situation Analysis - Australia 73.1 situation analysis - Australia 73.1.1 product market 73.1.2 market characteristics and forecasts 73.1.3 distribution and pricing trends 73.1.4 positioning 83.1.5 market segments and needs 83.2 swot analysis - Australia 83.2.1 strength 83.2.2 weakness 93.2.3 opportunities 93.2.4 threats 93.3 Implication of Swot analysis 94.Situation analysis - Hong Kong & South Korea 114.1 situation anaylsis - Hong Kong 114.1.1 demographics 114.1.2 market indicators & economic overview 114.1.3 society and culture 134.1.4 technology 134.1.5 political & legal factors 144.2 market analysis - Hong Kong 154.2.1 product market 154.2.2 market characteristics and forecasts 154.2.3 distribution and pricing trends 164.2.4 positioning 164.2.5 market segments and needs 164.3 situation anaylsis - South Korea 174.3.1 demographics 174.3.2 market indicators & economic overview 174.3.3 society and culture 184.3.4 technology 194.3.5 political & legal factors 204.4 market analysis - Hong Kong 214.4.1 product market 214.4.2 market characteristics and forecasts 214.4.3 distribution and pricing trends 214.4.4 positioning 224.4.5 market segments and needs 224.5 competitor analysis 224.5.1 hong kong 224.5.2 south korea 235. market assessment 245.1 country risk 245.2 market size 255.3 ease of entry 255.4 minimal cultural barriers 265.5 strength of competitors 265.6 recommendation 276. market entry strategy 286.1 direct export 286.2 joint venture 296.3 recommendation 307. conclusion 33Appendix 34appendix a 34appendix b 35appendix c 37appendix d 38appendixappendixreference list 391. Executive SummaryThe business environment is rapidly changing to meet the needs of consumers and to make use of new technology. Therefore companies need also to change in order to remain competitive in the market. If a certain product reaches a mature stage within the product lifecycle, the best option for the company is to expand into the global market.Colmate as an Australian owned toothpaste manufacturing company has reached a stable stage within its domestic market and is now looking towards expansion into the global market. It aims to make a presence in the Asian market before moving to other world markets.Therefore this report aims to assess and analyse the attractiveness and feasibility of entering into a country in the Asian market. The two countries the report will be based around include South Korea and Hong Kong.Assessment and analysis will be based on particular factors within the business environment such, as political risk and the strength of competitors within the market. These criteria will allow us to identify the most attractive market in which to...

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