Colonel Lewis Mc Bride An Inventor, Soldier And A Patriot

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Colonel Lewis McBride an Inventor, Soldier and a Patriot.
Can you ponder what it would be like to be an inventor of a weapon that helped or changed how you fought and won wars, or can you imagine that you are highly recommended for your inventing ability to improve someone else’s work? If you were so skilled and dedicated to your nation that you have been in different groups that support the United States, such as the Colorado Army National Guard, the Corps of Engineers and the Army Branch of Chemical Warfare Service. How about being that one person that creates a chemical substance that would help military and civilian authorities past and present to take control of a hostel situation without using lethal force? How would you like to be the one who made such an impact while serving in the Military for your inventions, do to your hard work and dedication gets you inducted into the Chemical Corps Hall of Fame, or be that Soldier the United States Army would ask you back to service after retiring, well Colonel Lewis McBride can say he did just that.
Colonel Lewis McBride was born in Iowa in 1879; he pursued a career in electrical engineering (Lindberg 2005). Colonel McBride accepted a commission for the Colorado National Guard which is a component of the United States Army, Colorado Guard began its service in 1903, Colorado Army National Guard web page (2013). But as the First World War began, Colonel Lewis McBride became a member of the Corps of Engineers. The Corps of Engineers became a permanent army branch in 1802 and was in charge of such tasks like construct buildings and monuments in the Nation’s capital, US Army Corps of Engineers web site (2013). Once again when opportunity became available Colonel McBride a Captain at that time transferred to the Chemical Warfare Service to become a weapons research and developer (Lindberg2005). The Chemical Warfare Service was approved by President Wilson on 28 June 1918 and combined the organizations to be part of the War Department better known as the Chemical Warfare Service, Leo P. Brophy & Wyndbam D. Miles (1959).
Captain McBride was stationed at Edgewood Arsenal, Maryland and was given a task to improve the 4-inch Stokes Mortar, Named for the English inventor, Frederick W.S. Stokes. Stokes was the inventor of the 4-inch Stokes Mortar in 1915 and was one of the first portable mortars, Wikipedia (2013). In 1914 the trench mortars did not exist the war department wanted to organize batteries of light, medium and heavy units to become the first Field Artillery, Baker (1996). The German Army had three kinds of mine warfare which was devastating to trenches of the allied forces so when the Stokes mortar came into play the Army was able to return fire with the same devastation.
Weapons design was always the job of the Ordnance Corps, the Ordnance Corps is to support the development, production, acquisition, and sustainment of weapons systems, and ground mobility material during peace and war to provide...

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