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Colonial Connecticut Essay

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Colonial Connecticut

The first European settlers into Connecticut were from the Netherlands. The Dutch navigator Adriaen Block was the first to record and explore the area. The Dutch found it profitable to trade fur with the natives. The Dutch built a settlement near Hartford around 1633. The Dutch thought they were going to India but landed in America and that is one of the reasons why the Native Americans are called Indians. The English later came seeking religious freedom.

Thomas Hooker and a group of Massachusetts settlers came to Connecticut seeking religious freedom. The Puritans in colonial Connecticut believed everyone should have a right to vote. They needed more for their cattle. They also did not want the Dutch to claim the land. They had a good relationship with the natives who helped them learn the land and traded a lot with them.

Thomas Hooker also helped write the Fundamental Orders of 1639. The Fundamental Orders of 1639 is considered the first written constitution. It is why Connecticut got the nickname "The Constitution State." It gave men more chances to vote and run for office. Women had very few rights at this time.

The earliest houses in Connecticut were made of logs. They would have one room with a chimney in a corner, this was the kitchen. Houses would grow with the family, as members were added and room was needed they would build on to the house. These houses would have small windows so they would not lose heat in the winter. The furniture they had was very plain and wasn't very comfortable. Men mainly sat in the chairs and the rest of the family would be seated at the long tables that turned into benches. They ate what they hunted, grew and stored. Families often ate directly from the pot and sometimes they ate standing up.

The colony of Connecticut led the way in education. The first public schools were built in New Haven in 1642 and Hartford in 1643. In 1650, the Connecticut Code said that children and apprentices had to be...

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