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Colonial Period Of American Literature Essay

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The American literature began with the writings of English colonists in which they wrote about the glory of their god and others wrote about their struggles that were set forth by their ruler from England. Their adventures to the New World were also a great inspiration for many others to write about. Native American writings were also viewed by many, as they shared their thoughts on creation and among other things, their suffering made possible by the colonist who ceased much of their land. Given that the colonists were trying to find a new meaning to life other than the life adjusted by King George back in England, most of their work included words of hurt and of change of which the new ...view middle of the document...

Native Americans had a different belief on how the world was created. With the work of Joseph Bruchac in the Sky Tree, we were able to identify this belief as we read along. The Sky Tree is based off of the Native American stories passed on by the family members. This story talks about a tree placed in the “Sky land” where all the natives lived, this tree gave life to the Natives and provided food. Eventually the chief of the people gets sick and has a vision about how eating the fruit at the top of the tree will cure him, his wife set out to heal him and cut the tree down which then fell down to earth that was then covered in water. A giant turtle then sees her falling down from the sky and gets the other animals to place dirt on its back to make some ground for her to fall to and eventually live off of. This story only magnifies the belief of Native Americans that we are one with the nature and should respect the word.
Although the colonists had fled to the New World, they were still at times persecuted by their own with different religions. Christian religious groups were extremely influential in the now United States. They sought out to enforce strict religious observance on the colonists and often persecuted colonists with a different practice of Christianity or were non-Christian. Most of the colonies at the time had one “official” church in which the whole town was subjected to attending to a daily...

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