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The Romantic period occurring from 1800-1860 in American literature mostly revolved around romanticism. Romanticism characterizes as an interest and importance in nature, emotion, and imagination. Two things that stood out to me in the Romantic period involving American literature was the different writing styles used in the poetry and the famous authors during this time.
To romanticize something means to make it sound more appealing than it really is. When reading the poem “Paul Rivere’s Ride” a story about the famous Paul Rivere who warned everyone that the British Army were invading by ship. I found lots of examples of romanticism in this poem. One quote that I found said “across the ...view middle of the document...

Irving used humor because Tom thinks by having two bibles nothing bad will happen and in the end the devil takes him and he ends up with nothing. The last writing style I learned from the romantic period is Darkness. Two specific poets used darkness in their poems, Edger Allan Poe and Hawthorne. These poems are dark because they result in unhappy endings and also very scary and creepy and that’s the point of darkness in a poem.
The whole unit had a lot of poetry from the romantic period by lots of different authors. Two authors that stood out to me were Edger Allan Poe and Hawthorne. Edger Allan Poe is known for his “chilling tales”. One of his poems I read was “Pit and the Pendulum”. This poem was about a man who was sentenced to death brutally and was being tortured. He was carried down into a pitch dark room and forced to be cut in half by a pendulum with a sharp blade. This was very dark and scary and had a lot of darkness through the whole poem. Edger Allan Poe is very famous he wrote many poems. Although there is no official record he had 57 that were published....

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