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The Third World all started with imperialism. Imperialism was lead by the Europeans who went out searching for foreign treasures, and to conquer everything in their path. The idea of Imperialism dates back to ancient times, with conquerors like Alexander The Great, going out to expand their empires as far as possible. Imperialism really began in the 16th century with the Europeans, whose advancement allowed them to set up colonies in less developed parts of the world. European countries quickly began dividing up the rest of the world, starting in Africa and Asia, and spreading into the Americas. Colonizing the world became like a game to the Europeans, who went around sucking anything of value out of underdeveloped civilizations.
Colonization of Somalia began in the mid 19th century, when European nations began scrambling for control of Africa. Many of these attempts by Europeans were met with heavy resistance and even frequent failures, at the hands of the less advanced natives. Italy, Britain and France all attempted to colonize parts of Somalia but did not do so easily. These countries wanted control of Somalia, hopping she could provide use or wealth for their nation; England wanted to uses Somalia as to help export out of the middle east while Italy and France hoped to utilize it agriculturally. The three nations took portions of what is known today as Somalia, England held the coast, with Italy and France to the north. The British portion became known as British Somaliland, and the Italian Italian Somaliland.
This period of European Imperialism couldn't last forever, and the decolonization came in three waves. The first wave was in the 1770’s when the 13 colonies in North America rebelled and gained independence from Britain. This idea spread to other colonies in south and central America who now also wanted independence after hearing about the 13 colonies success. None of these revolutions were carried out by natives, and rather came from men who the decedents of the mother county. Most of these countries, suffer for at least a century before establishing strong governments. The second wave came after the First World War and the collapse of the Ottoman Empire. A few countries gain small amounts of independence. The Third wave came in the 20th century, mainly as a result of the second World War, the battles in Africa and the Allied victory over the Axis powers.
World War two saw a large amount on conflict in Africa, making African countries want their own independence. As a result of World War II, Britain gained control of both British Somaliland and the newly conquered Italian Somaliland, become a protectorate of both. The Potsdam Conference in November 1949 granted Italy trusteeship of Italian Somaliland. British Somaliland was remained under British control up until 1960. The United Nations set up another trusteeship and established the the unstable country known as the Somali Republic on July 1st 1960.
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