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Assume for a moment that you are an American colonist who is attempting to break away from the imperialistic power of Great Britain. During the time of Great Britain’s reign over the colonies, you feel as though Great Britain has progressed into a mother country that is both unfair and untrustworthy to the colonists of America. Although there may be numerous explanations as to why the colonists transformed into revolutionaries against the mother country of Great Britain, there is one recognizable reason that drove the colonists towards independence. The colonists of America hated the implementation of taxes on the colonies, which drove the revolutionaries to act out against Great Britain. Some relevant ways the colonists approached their disgust with the taxes is through documents, events, and prominent key figures.
One method that colonists used to act out against the taxes bestowed upon the colonies was through documents. In the writing of the Declaration of Independence, the structure of the whole document is based off of the flaws committed by the king of Britain onto the colonies. One of the flaws listed within the confines of the text is the issue on taxation against the colonies. For example, Thomas Jefferson, the author of the Declaration of Independence, states, “He [king of Britain] has imposed taxes on us without our consent” (DOI), which is substantial evidence to prove that the colonists were taxed unfairly. Furthermore, governments were created to act out against imperial taxation. For example, when George Grenville introduced the Stamp Act, which was developed “to generate revenue; required printed documents to bear revenue stamps purchased from royal stamp distributors” (59), colonists were outraged by Grenville’s attempt. To counter Grenville’s act, the creation of the “Stamp Act Congress was completed in October of 1765” (59). The congress consisted of “nine colonies that sent representatives with the unified belief ‘that no taxes should be imposed on them, but with their own consent, given personally, or by their representatives through petitions’” (59), which created an epidemic of revolutionary acts, including those committed by the “Sons of Liberty” (59). As for the U.S. Constitution on taxes, the document states, “Direct taxes shall be apportioned among the several states which may be included within this Union, according to their respective numbers,”(CUSA), meaning that Americans created a new and improved system. By creating this new system of collecting taxes, Americans could easily avoid the previous system of collecting taxes applied by the British. With these documents and systems of government being implemented by the colonists, this gave the colonists the confidence to fight against inequality created by Great Britain.
Although the documents were an integral aspect to colonists in expressing their views and perspectives on the taxes composed by Great Britain, the events that took place because of the taxes...

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