Colonization Of Spain, England, And The Holy Roman Empire

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In order to understand colonization, it is important to consider the background of the events leading up to colonization. In Spain for instance, the re-conquest of Grenada as well as the search for new trade routes are important events that lead up to colonization. In England, the Civil War between parliament and the monarchy affected colonization as well. The living situation for people in the Holy Roman Empire was deemed not good enough for future generations. The dynamics and developments in Spain, England, and the Holy Roman Empire were all important to the colonization of the New World.
There were many important events in Spain that paved the way for the colonization of the New World. For example, Europeans craved the spices of the East, but due to warfare in Asia, they tried to find new trade routes . At the time, Europeans knew that the Earth was round, but they did not know how far the ocean stretched, let alone the existence of other continents beyond the Atlantic Ocean. The demand for such spices allowed for many expeditions to occur, including Christopher Columbus. In addition, the explorers of the time were considered “renaissance men” who used new navigation tools such as the globe and sextant, and also referred back to Greek and Latin maps . The Renaissance and its innovations and new ways of thinking are responsible for the expeditions and the ambitiousness of the explorers. As the explorers were traveling in all sorts of directions around the world, they gained more knowledge and improved the maps, which are key aspects of the Renaissance. Furthermore, after the re-conquest of Grenada, the men of Spain still had a frontier mentality that carried over to the New World . As Spain used the plantations on the Azore and Canary islands as models for colonization, the men with the frontier mentality experienced more freedom as they searched for spices and minerals. Since the Spanish monarchy was not present in the New World, the conquistadors were brutal with their treatment of the Natives as they built their colonies. The dynamics of Spain concerning the demand for goods, the Renaissance, and the frontier mentality were all factors that contributed to the colonization of the New World by the Spaniards.
In England, the social and political situation allowed for the immigration of people to colonize the New World. For instance, the elites of England were not receiving the respect they felt they deserved from those below them, which lead the elites to enforce their privilege by creating more restrictions on the peasants . England had a hierarchical society, but there were groups, such as the Levelers who felt there should not be distinctions between the people of England. Of course, the elites wanted to uphold their statues and tried to dress in rich clothing while placing restrictions on the peasants. In addition to the stresses placed on the hierarchical society, a...

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