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Color And Symbolism In Shakespeare´S Romeo And Juliet

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During Shakespeare’s time, feasts and balls were very popular amongst the members of upper class. The masks worn to these festivities were often extremely detailed, fabulous, and expensive. The main component to make those masks catch people’s attentions is the colour. The background colour of the mask is purple, the symbol of power and wealth. In the play, Juliet is the daughter of a big family – the House of Capulet. The Capulet family is one of the Patriarch families of Italy, the other one is the House of Montagues. Recall that purple represents power and wealth, in Act I Scene V it shows how powerful and wealthy Juliet (and her family) is, because masquerades would only be held if nobility (the House of Capulet) could demonstrate their own wealth, status, and power. However, the mask is not painted all purple, because those wealth, titles are not all belongs to Juliet, it’s partly just because she’s born in this family, and she doesn’t contribute as much. Therefore, there is a space that is painted purplish-white.
Eyes are the window of our soul, eyes are relatively important to us. Therefore, some remarkable symbols are put around the eyes. The pink sparkles which surround the edges of the eyes represent Juliet’s naïveté (at the beginning of the play), and the pure love to Romeo. From the dialogue in Act I Scene III 69, “It is an honour that I dream not of” shows that Juliet has no idea what is marriage, moreover the Nurse jokes by taking credit for Juliet’s wisdom “An honor? Were not I thine only nurse, I would say thou hadst sucked wisdom from thy teat” (Act I Scene III 70-71). These conversations shows the naïveté about marriage for Juliet. Pink can also be a symbol of pure love. Throughout the play, it shows the love between Romeo and Juliet is pure, pure love means that someone would suffer rather that to make one another...

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