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Color Purple Essay

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Before this thing started I was like this is just another one of those movies where it is the most boring thing we have ever watched and I can even hardly pay attention because of how terrible it is. This was different for me I guess because it was really good and I wanted to know what happens next I actually payed attention during this film it isn’t one that I was like this is cute its really good it was more of a serious film. Serious films are not really my thing I get bored of it and then I stop watching it because I can predict what happens. This was not how this film was at all because you can’t really predict what happens it leaves you guessing the whole time and I like movies like ...view middle of the document...

This was probably my favorite scene in the whole movie because even when people tried to beat her she would pick herself up and get them back no matter who it was. This is a good scene because it shows the girls even though people might say that you are weak and you shouldn’t be the bigger person that doesn’t mean anything it means that it gives you the chance to fight back and show them who is boss. Celie told her that she should have to feel what she felt and maybe she would not be so overpowering. Afterwards when Sofia was talking to Celie and she found out that Celie told him to beat her she came right back and told her that she had been fighting her whole life and she wasn’t about to stop fighting because of some boy. There was nothing that was going to stop Sofia from fighting for what was right and she wanted to do the right thing.
Alice Walker wrote the story the Color Purple and Steven Spielberg made a movie out of it and the last scene that I liked was the ending scene because it was happy and it was one of the only happy scenes in the whole movie that doesn’t get ruined by something sad. This is a really good scene because they all get reunited again and it is such a happy time for Celie because she finally gets to see her kids and how...

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885 words - 4 pages Alice Walker: Author Of A LifetimeBiographyAlice Walker is an American author and activist. She wrote the critically acclaimed novel The Color Purple for which she won the National Book Award and the Pulitzer Prize for Fiction.Early lifeWalker was born in Putnam County, Georgia, the youngest of eight children, to Willie Lee Walker and Minnie Lou Tallulah Grant. Her father, who was, in her words, "wonderful at math but a terrible farmer," earned