Color Purple More Than Meets The Eye

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The Color Purple - More Than Meets the EyeThe bitter legacy of American race relations - birthed by slavery, worsened by segregation and institutionalized by culture - is not without hope, a radiant sense that, within the collective rage of an entire group's forced servitude, there is also the strength - the heroism and personal triumph, if you will - to stand squarely upon the soil and proclaim, "No more!" Alice Walker, a gifted novelist with a keen appreciation of the black experience, articulates this sense of freedom and its female identity with passion and integrity. "The Color Purple" is thus Walker's declaration of independence: a feminist's interpretation of spiritual identity, love, family and redemption -- an infusion of American optimism for a people and a person too often denied the promise of the law's protection and the respect of mankind's dignity. Combined with Steven Spielberg's interpretative genius, the film version of Walker's novel is a visual testament - a different realization, to be sure - of the South, liberty and simple decency.The most striking difference between Walker's imagery and Spielberg's film adaptation is, like many other projects converted for the cinema, an issue of degree and observational fact. That is, a novel's power rests upon its verbal subtlety and personal communication, the ability to absorb various symbols without overt suggestion or blatant emphasis. Spielberg avoids many of these "mistakes" (or more pedestrian errors) by embracing his own brand of directorial diction -- a cast outfitted with authentic clothing and made to recite Southern drawl with a believability that makes Walker's novel seem more like an extended script than a piece of literature. But the differences between Spielberg's film and Walker's novel deserve closer inspection.Perhaps the film's greatest difference is its cursory examination of Celie's letters, the main character's most powerful form of communication. Yet, the decidedly verbal and non-visual nature of Celie's chosen medium is a bad device for filmgoers, as each word, sentence and paragraph reduces itself to so much fine print. Narration is an alternative, yes; but a letter needs a reader's own distinctive voice for personal impact, not a studio microphone and multiple rehearsals.Also, Walker's novel has a brand of femininity and eroticism the film only superficially addresses. Beyond Celie's discovery of genuine intimacy and a powerful supporting role by Oprah Winfrey, the real sexual energy - neither profane nor gratuitous - originates...

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The Color Purple Essay

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the color purple

1247 words - 5 pages Color of Purple is a Novel by Alice Walker, published in 1982. It won a Pulitzer Prize in 1983. A feminist novel about an abused and uneducated black woman's struggle for empowerment, the novel was praised for the depth of its female characters and for its eloquent use of black English vernacular. African-American people have had to climb over many obstacles to get to their position today. First, was the selling of their people into slavery

The Color Purple

885 words - 4 pages Alice Walker: Author Of A LifetimeBiographyAlice Walker is an American author and activist. She wrote the critically acclaimed novel The Color Purple for which she won the National Book Award and the Pulitzer Prize for Fiction.Early lifeWalker was born in Putnam County, Georgia, the youngest of eight children, to Willie Lee Walker and Minnie Lou Tallulah Grant. Her father, who was, in her words, "wonderful at math but a terrible farmer," earned

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893 words - 4 pages The Color Purple, a book written by Alice Walker, won critical acclaim and praise for the depth of its female characters. The novel focused on Celie, an abused and uneducated black woman who struggled for empowerment. The book grew popular worldwide, and was awarded the Pulitzer Prize in 1983. As a result, a movie (by the same name) was released two years later. The movie received mixed reviews from different audiences. Even with all the

the color purple

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671 words - 3 pages "The Color Purple" is a very fascinating book that tells the tale of a young girl and the trials that she endures, starting with her childhood. She writes entries in her diary entitled, "Dear God," in which she is seeking answers from Him and trying to escape the oppression that is forced on her from many people in her life. The movie begins with Celie and her sister Nettie playing happily in a field of wildflowers and enjoying each other's

The color purple

1022 words - 4 pages The Color Purple is a story about growth, endurance, loyalty, and joy, all nurtured by the strength of love. There are many themes; some concern the relationship between males and females, the relationship between Africans and black Americans, and personal independence. However, one thing that I felt strongly about was her commitment to G-d. African-American people have had to climb over many obstacles to get to their position today

the color purple

1578 words - 6 pages In the novel The Color Purple, author Alice Walker utilizes multiple characters and scenarios to portray the quality of change. The narrator and protagonist, Celie discovers through reading letters her sister Nettie has written made her begin to find her voice. Also Celie strength and power was also helped by Shug Avery. Celie wasn't the only one who needed to change, her husband Mr.Albert and his son Harpo were due to change their ways. Along

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440 words - 2 pages In many novels, the struggling main characters often have some help getting through their problems. This is also the case for The Color Purple by Alice Walker. Celie, who is the main character has a very tough life. First she gets raped by her father and then continuously gets beat by her husband. She doesn't even express her emotion anymore. She has hit depression and she met two women who she admires, Sofia and Shug Avery. Sofia is the wife of

The Color Purple

690 words - 3 pages The Color Purple by Alice Walker is a confessional novel in which the main character Celie tells her story throughout a series of letters she writes to God. Celie is a poor black woman who lives in Georgia in the 1930s. Walker uses Celie’s voice to tell the history of black women during that time. She is a victim of racism, and sexism throughout the novel and these are the major themes of the novel. The author emphasizes the role gender plays

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